November 30, 2020 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: Why we are anxious and frozen up

Thoughtful stressed young man with a mess in his head

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There’s two ways to build culture. I show you what’s best.

One of the big challenges we face is that we don’t have the right role models.

Without the right role models, we’re a bit lost.

How do we know how to act? How do we know what to say? How do we know how to live out best life possible, with integrity and mission?

These things are hard to do when you literally have to reinvent the wheel from scratch to get it done.

And I only think it’s getting tougher for our kids.

As parents, we only have small sense of what the world they will be stepping into will be like.

We barely understand the world we are living in right now.

Things are just changing so quickly.

In centuries past, you probably had a pretty good idea about how your world worked, because it worked the same way it did when your parents were kids, and when their parents were kids, and they were able to coach you into it.

Now, I don’t even know what apps are on my daughter’s phone.

When I grew up we didn’t even have phones!

So when things are changing so much, we’re all flying blind, into an unknowable future.

But it’s worse than that.

Because this knowledge of how to navigate the world and how to thrive and survive – this is what could be called culture.

And culture is transmitted through two vehicles. There’s a transmission on how to be, and there’s a transmission on how not to be.

And the way it looks to me is that while we have become incredibly uncertain on the ‘what to be’ side of things, we still give a lot of energy to ‘what not to be’.

So, as a society, we are judgemental and aggressive. We take down people on social media for saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing, or wearing the wrong thing to the wrong wedding.

And if this is all we have – in the absence of role models showing us ‘what to be’ – we end up boxing ourselves in to a ‘what not to be’ culture.

And we are as anxious and self-conscious as we are bitchy and judgemental.

In that kind of culture, is it any wonder we all end up frozen up and depressed?

(This is where we’re going, Australia!)

The anti-dote, I think, is to make sure we’re exposed to role-models. That we surround ourselves with inspiring people living their best life possible.

It’s one of the reasons I’m so proud of the community we’ve built here at I Love Real Estate. I’m proud of all the strategies and the wealth-creation hacks and all of that.

But it’s the community that gives me that warm inner-glow.

Because I know what we’re building is a ‘what to be’ culture. It’s about showing what is possible, not trying to smother what we don’t like.

It’s about lifting people up and celebrating success.

It’s about demonstrating just what is possible.

It’s a ‘what to be’ culture.

And it’s a culture I want to be a part of.