May 28, 2015 by Dymphna 7 Comments

PODCAST: 6 Successful Renovations… and she did it with a little kid!

Starting out in real estate can be tricky for those who are starting with nothing.

The usual place people start is by buying the cheapest, nastiest house they can find and putting in the hard yards to renovate and create an uplift in the property.

Today’s podcast features special guest, Nadia Hart, who I call “my girl with flair”.

Nadia loves renovating and she has a real flair for decorating and making any old house look like a million bucks.

She shares some of her hot tips for designing with flair:


We also go into transitioning from doing one reno at a time to doing more with each property.

The great thing is that Nadia has done 6 properties now, all with her child in tow.

You know I’m all about passing this on to your kids – and Nadia’s story is an inspiration to all parents or prospective parents who want to create wealth from property.

Nadia and I share tips, strategies and inspiring stories to show you what you could do in the next 18 months.

Load it up and have a listen.