Overcoming A Turbulent Childhood To Become A Successful Property Investor

Contrary to popular belief, not all those who get into property investing entered with pockets full of cash. Nor do they all have generational wealth.

Sharon, for example, grew up in a low socio-economic background in Australia.

Being the eldest daughter in her family, she had to mature at a very young age. And given the numerous challenges they faced as she was growing up, she vowed to create a better life for her children.

For 15 years, Sharon worked as an Emergency Services staff and volunteer. While she found her job fulfilling, she often felt burnt out by the number of responsibilities she had in her work.

And in 2015, Sharon finally had enough and decided to quit her job.

She then remembered the importance of property investing. Specifically in ensuring that her family won’t experience the hardships she endured when she was younger.

However, life was hard, especially for a mother like her who had two sons to raise and no means to fare for them financially.

So, she returned to her job in 2018 to gain serviceability. She did it because she was afraid to lose all she had worked for; she still carried with her the insecurities she had while growing up.

Despite going back to work, Sharon still found herself struggling financially.

Even though the value of her PPR and initial property investments were worth $2,875,000, she had liabilities that exceeded the value of her assets. She also had an outstanding loan of $640,000 and an equity of $1,870,000.

This meant that Sharon was losing $19,954 annually.

She knew that she was letting her insecurities and mindset stop her from achieving what she wanted for herself and her family. And if she wanted their situation to change…

Sharon had to do something.

It was then that she decided to join ILRE 2019. She liked what she learned in IRLE, so she applied for the Platinum program in 2020.

Transforming Her Property

The first thing that Sharon did after entering Platinum was to turn things around for their farm.

See, when Sharon and her family moved to Regional Victoria from the city, they purchased a 293-acre farm. She used to work full-time on it, but she stopped because they were incurring losses in their farming business.

Sharon decided to reverse this situation.

To do that, she decided on renovating the farm. While the work is still underway, it’s expected to raise the value of the property to $1,200,000.

And since they got the farm for $200,000… It means they’ll get a whopping $1,000,000 net profit! So, the renovations they’re doing on the farm serve as a form of asset protection.

For her next deal, Sharon sold their one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne.

The property had sentimental value, as Sharon’s husband inherited it from his brother who was diagnosed with leukemia. That’s why for the past nine years, they were unable to sell the property. Not to mention it had no serviceability based on their visit from the bank.

But given her new learnings from ILRE, she was resolved to sell the property – even at a loss.


It’s because the property is a fire risk since it had claddings. And when Sharon did her own research, she found out that addressing the cladding issues meant that they were required to pay higher body corporate fees.

Fortunately, she was able to sell the property, even defying her initial expectations. The property was sold for $335,000, which meant they got a net profit of $65,570.

…And the transaction happened at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspired by her recent success, Sharon then proceeded to sell her property in Regional Victoria that she purchased for $320,000

The property, which she held onto for 8 years, was a two-storey building with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. And she planned to convert it into a rooming house to get income from it.

But after consulting with her Platinum Coach, Sharon realised that it was not a feasible and profitable approach for her. She then decided to sell the property for $450,000, pocketing a $142,390 profit from its sale.

Interestingly, Sharon had another 4-bedroom and 2-bathroom property that they bought via the same trust. And like the property in Regional Victoria, Sharon planned to convert the house for rooming but decided otherwise after studying its feasibility.

She then decided to sell the property for $457,700. It was a profitable sale since she bought the property for $320,000 8 years earlier. Sharon was able to earn $106,280 from the property’s sale.

Another property that Sharon decided to sell was a property that she originally purchased and renovated for her mother. However, her mother didn’t always stay in that house. So, she leased it to Airbnb.

For two years, they were able to collect $33,000 from leasing the property. However, she felt that the rent they were collecting was low. So, she decided to cut their losses and sell the property instead.

From the initial purchase of $130,000, Sharon was able to sell the property for $320,000. She was able to earn a $267,439 profit from its sale.

Her winning streak soon came to a halt. Unfortunately, she faced problems with her dual-occupancy property.

She bought the property before the pandemic for $270,000, but she was only able to collect rent that was lower than what she had expected.

So, she asked for help from her Platinum Coach.

And with her coach’s guidance, she was able to raise the value of the property to $600,000. Additionally, she’s now able to collect an annual rent of $33,065 from the property.

Given the success of the Airbnb approach to her other properties, Sharon replicated this approach to her seventh deal.

It was a three-bedroom and one-bathroom property she purchased before the pandemic. And by renovating it, the property’s value increased to $450,000. Sharon is also now able to collect an annual rent of $32,000 from it.

Sharon then ventured into rooming house conversion projects; she transformed two of her properties for it. As a result, she was able to increase the annual rent she collected from those properties.

Her next venture?

It’s to develop the property she bought in 2021. She plans to make it her next PPR.

A Goal Achieved – And More

Since starting her property investing journey with ILRE, Sharon has changed her life for the better.

To start with, she’s become the healthiest she has ever been. She was able to lose weight and become more confident about herself. Her mental health has also improved.

Sharon was finally able to overcome the insecurities she’s had for the longest time.

Sharon is also happy to share everything she has learned with her children and friends. So, her kids are now learning how to make smart property investment decisions themselves – just like their mother.

What’s more, Sharon is satisfied with the projects she had.

She’s happy to know that her rooming houses help provide a solution to the accommodation crisis in Australia. And she is also happy to share her learnings in I Love Real Estate online forums where she’s able to help others find their opportunities in the property market.

After all, there’s always room for more people who’ll transform their lives by becoming property investors.

“I am dedicated to my dreams and making it happen”

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“I am dedicated to my dreams and making it happen”



Value: $600,000​
Equity: $600,000​
Cashflow: $0​

All Investment Properties​
Value: $1,900,000​
Equity: $1,270,000​
Cashflow: – $19,954​

Value: $232,000​

Value: $2,732,000​
Equity: $1,870,000​
Cashflow: -$19,954​


Value: $1,200,000​
Equity: $970,000​
Cashflow: $0

Investment Property 1 (Farm)​
Value: $1,200,000​
Equity: $1,200,000​
Cashflow: neutral​

Investment Property 2​
Value: $650,000​
Equity: $445,000​
Cashflow: + $11,660 pa​

Investment Property 3​
Value: $450,000​
Equity: $275,000​
Cashflow: + $16,472 pa​

Investment Property 4​
Value: $700,000​
Equity: $312,000​
Cashflow: + $63,131 pa​

Investment Property 5​
Value: $700,000​
Equity: $152,000​
Cashflow: + $38,380 pa​

Investment Property 6​
Value: $450,000​
Equity: $114,000​
Cashflow: – $19,000 pa​

Value: $520,000​

Value: $450,000​

Value: $350,000​

Total Position​
Value: $6,670,000​
Equity: $3,468,000​
Cashflow: +$110,643 pa​