Nadia & Steve

With the right knowledge and support, Nadia and Steve have become… Masters of the “Chunk Deal”

Nadia and Steve were both previously married before they came together.

For that reason, they came together with very little to their names. Both had left their previous relationships and been charged a hefty “marriage exit tax”.

Deal 1: The PPR

At the time, they owned an old home which was their PPR worth $660,000 but with a mortgage of $500,000. So there was not a lot to start with. What they did have was Steve’s skills as a builder and Nadia’s skills as a designer. They put these to good use by doing a very high quality renovation on their home to raise equity.

They realised that what they had created was a trophy home. Dymphna argued that rather than have a trophy home, they instead had the money they needed to jump into their next deal.

The cost of the house plus all expenses for the reno came to $1,060,000 but they were then able to sell the property for $1,550,000 netting a profit of $490,000!

Deal 2: Renovate and split

Their second deal was easy and hard. They knew they could take charge of the renovation – they had proven that – but they also decided to subdivide this block. It cost them $100,000 to put in the infrastructure for the 3 rear blocks they were splitting off.

The house, split and all expenses came to $540,000. They then sold off the front house for $487,000 keeping the 3 blocks of land out the back. The end result was a $237,000 profit meaning they effectively got the 3 blocks of land for around $20k. Right now it’s just raw equity but Nadia has plans to build retirement units on them.

Deal 3: Small extension and reno

By this stage, there was a pattern forming. They found a house very near the last one which Nadia believed had hidden potential.

They bought, renovated and extended the house for $1,050,000 and promptly sold for a cool $1,600,000 giving them another $550,000 profit.

Deal 4: Time to keep one

Using the same strategy, Nadia and Steve found another run down “renovators delight” which they fixed up and subdivided into 3. The house was then rented out for $710 a week which means they now had the start of passive cash flow.

The estimated value of the house is now $450,000, and each block out the back $200,000.

With all expenses adding up to around $650,000 this property gave then another $200k uplift.

Deal 5: New PPR and amazing goals met.

11 months before buying this property in Brisbane, Nadia had written a letter to herself stating all the things she wanted. In that latter was her desire to move to a particular suburb in Brisbane. She didn’t know anything about the suburb other than it had a good school for her daughter.

12 months later, she opened that letter as instructed and it had all come true, including this deal in the same suburb she stated in that letter.

The house was set up as a 3 bedroom house upstairs and a 4 bedroom separate dwelling downstairs. With the real estate agent’s photos she listed the downstairs on AirBnB and it’s been 90% let ever since, giving them between $2500 and $3000 a month passive income.

The subsequent and inevitable renovation also increased the value of the property by $240,000.

Deal 6: The Queenslander lift and shift.

This house was in dire need of a renovation and was not sitting on the block the way they wanted. So they explored the ‘lift and shift’ option which, as Victorians, is not something they knew much about.

The house got an extension and a prefab pool installed in the rear.

The house was purchased for $700,000 and the reno cost them around $300,000 but with the expected selling price between $1,300,000 and $1,400,00 they stand to make another $300,000 – $400,000 profit.

“I love helping other people. My soul is repaired when I help other people”

Deal 7: The first JV – Scary stuff

Having been burned in business before, Nadia was always adamant that she didn’t want to do any Joint Venture deals. But times change and her belief in herself and others was very different at this stage. Steve and Nadia had also become mentors for a couple of the “Property Games” kids, so when one of the kids brought them this deal of a two bedroom unit that was completely unliveable, they agreed to fund it and be the money partner.

The house and all the expenses came to $275,000 with the current value standing at $350,000. It’s currently rented for $470pw and on the market.

Deal 8: The second JV

When the other property games contestant they were mentoring came to them with an interesting commercial deal, they found they couldn’t refuse this one either. Two properties on the one title.

One was converted into a studio apartment and the other a five bedroom home. Because it was zoned commercial, the council said they could use it as a commercial property so, while it’s set up as a house right now, it could easily be turned into offices in the future.

Deal 9: The third JV – taking on bigger projects.

The same JV partner then brought them a bigger project – a 1 into 6 splitter which only cost them $500,000 to get into. With all the subdivision expenses it will increase to around $600,000. But with an estimated end value of $1,500,000, they should get a net $400,000 profit from the deal.

When they started they had very little money, trust issues and very little confidence in what they were doing. In the four years since they began they have used passion and knowledge as the antidote for fear and leveraged that knowledge and passion into a profit of $2,700,000 and a total portfolio value of $3,860,000.

Nadia has always cherished a dream of working with big cats and after a recent trip to Africa she got to help out at a big cat sanctuary and nurse a baby white lion back from the brink. She has now made it her goal to do one deal a year to support them and go there to help keep these beautiful creatures safe and thriving.

Nadia and Steve are now passionate about helping others to dream big and reach their financial and health goals as well as being committed to social change by getting involved in the small house movement to improve housing affordability in Australia.

“Everyone has baggage but you’ve got to ask how much is it holding you back?”

These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“Beyond the deals has been so much personal growth”

Changing Lives!

Joined Dyphna November 2013

  • Working 80hrs a week between us
  • 1 solid income, 2yr old child, no me/us time
  • Stressed and unhealthy
  • PPR worth $660,000. Mortgage of $500,000


2017 – Controlling our future!

  •  Today properties worth approx $3,860,000
  • Passive Income $2,200 per week
  • Now lots of family/us time , fit/healthy and holidays
  • Moved to QLD and making dreams a reality

It took me just 18 months to replace my income and to take my portfolio from nothing to $3.5million. I’ve shown thousands of others to do the same and now I want to share my secrets with you.

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