July 11, 2022 by Dymphna

Why the grass looks greener in Adelaide

This looks very dodgy, but the numbers don’t lie.

This is one of the funniest things in a while.

Basically, a real estate agent in Adelaide decided to “touch-up” a couple of photos on a property he was trying to sell.

Only, doesn’t look like he knows how to use Photoshop. I’m not sure he even knows how to use a crayon. Does that look like grass to you?

And now there’s an internet pile-on:

An advertisement for an Adelaide house with an unnaturally green lawn has amused many online, but has also sparked questions about how much enhancement is too much when it comes to real estate sales.

Both the front and back lawns of the house appear to be photoshopped over with a bright green colour.

“That’s the new strain of grass called ‘Chernobyl’, you should see it at night-time,” one Reddit user joked.

Another person said filters were OK “but using MS paint I don’t think is allowed”.

The agent selling the property, Sam Swami, said the grass at the property was “very dry” so he decided to fix it.

He expected anyone buying the house would come look at it.

“We photoshopped it to make it look good and they can see what’s there,” he said.

He said most people would be more interested in the land than the house or garden.

The house, on 725 square metres, is for sale for between $340,000 and $350,000.

It last sold a year ago for $183,000.

It also sold for a similar amount in 2010.

Lol. Oh real estate agents.

But that’s not what jumped out at me. Look at those numbers. $183,000 a year ago. Now they’re asking $340,000.

But that’s the hidden secret in the property market right now. Adelaide is booming.

For years, prices have done not all that much.

But then once Covid hit is was boom, off to the races.

And the other really interesting thing is that while prices in Sydney and Melbourne are rolling over in Sydney and Melbourne, they’re still booming along in Adelaide.

On CoreLogic’s numbers, Adelaide is leading the nation. On a rolling 3-month basis, prices are up a nation-beating 5.2%.

If you annualised that out, you’re looking at annual growth of around 20%!.

Not only that, rents are booming as well, putting more money in landlord’s pockets.

Rents in Adelaide are growing at 10.9%, second only to Brisbane.

So looks like its finally Adelaide’s time to shine.

… a beautiful, bright shade of green.