February 23, 2016 by Dymphna 7 Comments

When life kicks you in the guts, do this!

Motivational Concept Image of message note paper pinned on cork board with Stay Positive words written on it

I’m sure most everyone can agree that life is not always fair. Sometimes it’s all sunshine and daisies and sometimes life pushes you over and then kicks you when you’re down.

I once heard this described as “Rooster one day – Feather duster the next.”

There’s nothing glamorous about it, it’s not a Hollywood movie. It takes time to pick yourself up, build up your confidence and emotional readiness to make a new start.

Today’s podcast is about exactly that.

My special guest was having a very rough time where everything she knew about her life fell apart.

…But she picked herself up and started again from where she was.

She set herself a goal of 7 properties … but within 12 months, she owned 14.

Now that’s the way to boost your confidence!

Have a listen.

It’s inspirational, entertaining and inspiring. It shows you just what can be done if you just get into the right space.