June 21, 2019 by Dymphna

What the ‘young investors’ are up to

People often ask me…

“Dymphna, why teach when you could put your feet up and take life easy?”

Truth be told, I don’t work that hard these days. The easy life gets plenty of my attention!

And I certainly don’t need the money.

In fact, I didn’t start teaching until I was set up for life. I’m no hypocrite.

The reason I teach is to leave a legacy and change lives.

And I’m bursting with pride over a young man who was a student of mine.

Jason Byron was one of my most successful ever.

He grabbed my education with both hands and ran with it.

Then after he mastered it he took another step. He added strategies which would work for different people.

And now he’s getting himself free houses and 6 figure paydays doing it.

The best part is, Jason started when he barely had any money. And that’s the best part of what he does.

It’s perfect whether you’ve got money or you don’t.

Same with whether you’ve got lots of time or barely any.

Question is …

… Is the student better than the teacher?

I hope so. That’s why I still teach.

You be the judge.