August 23, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] With the right advice, Anna and Melvyn built a massive $3.5m property portfolio with $30K in passive income.

Anna was determined to find a better way to live than working in the corporate world. Despite failed business after failed investment, she refused to quit, and now all of her effort has paid off.

Nine years after moving to Australia from Kenya, Anna and Melvyn are enjoying great success, and they’ve certainly earned it.

Coming to Australia had been a lifelong dream for Anna. Between poverty and political unrest, she and Melvyn always knew they would need to leave Kenya to find a better place to raise a family.

The opportunity came shortly after their wedding. They gave away all of their new wedding presents and reached Sydney with two suitcases and $10,000 in cash to start a new life. They started with no work, no family and no connections.

After they immigrated, Anna found a new dream. While both she and Melvyn found regular employment, she began spending her free time studying for professional accountancy exams and launching new businesses, desperately trying to gain a passive source of income.

One day, she stumbled upon a Dymphna Boholt seminar invitation inside a motivational book. She and Melvyn were inspired by the seminar and quickly dove into Dymphna’s Ultimate course. Now, after five years of practicing what they learnt, their investments have reached $3.5 million in equity and are generating $30,000 p.a. in passive income.