October 12, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] With a cheating husband and her business stolen from under her, Esme has since built a property net worth of $1.9M. Esme is having the last laugh.

Seven years ago, Esme’s deceitful husband left for Malaysia and never came home. At the same time, her successful café was forced to close. With her life in tatters, she wandered in a daze from seminar to seminar, desperate for an answer, but it wasn’t until she attended Dymphna Boholt’s one-day event that she found the direction she was looking for.

A lot can happen in seven years. Despite the cruel blows that life had dealt her, Esme refused to be defeated. She is now almost halfway towards her goal of owning 50 properties, and has emerged as an inspiring woman of ambition, renewal and courage.

It all started when her husband went on holiday to Malaysia and never came home. Soon enough, Esme received an email saying that their twenty-year marriage was over. A little later, Esme opened her husband’s life insurance letter to find that he had two children she had never known about, and not one, but two other wives! What’s worse, her own name wasn’t even on it.

Esme then lost her successful café business. The owner of the shopping centre where the café was located, who would regularly come for coffee at Esme’s café, suddenly died. The new owner refused to renew her lease (which was later sold to a competitor!) and gave her one month to sell her business and get out. Esme was left reeling.

For a time she went from seminar to seminar, unsure of what to do next or how to make a living. She had $100,000 from her business and that was it. She remembers attending a Dymphna Boholt one-day event and the feeling of the lights coming back on. She woke up.

Esme had never worked with goals, but for the first time in her life, she put pen to paper and made an ambitious commitment to buying 50 properties.

With newfound drive and direction, she threw herself into her property career. In the first year alone, she had completed seven deals. That was back in 2008. Now she has over 20 properties, both here in Australia and in the United States.

“I only started driving in my late 30s, I was computer illiterate until a couple years ago, and I’m a really slow learner. So if I can do it, anyone can too.”

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