August 14, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] Tamara developed a unique ‘entry-level’ property investment strategy to help them take back control of their financial futures.

Tamara and Jason admit that buying into a café/bakery on the Gold Coast wasn’t the best decision they ever made.

It was meant to be their ticket out of Sydney, but neither of them had any experience with running a café or a bakery, and they had their pastry and bakery chefs quit on them within two weeks of taking over.

However it was the redevelopment of the host shopping complex that really derailed things.

When they had initially signed the lease, there were plans to put in a new Aldi store, and “proposed” changes to the car park, which would have given them a seating area over looking the river.

However, none of this was in writing, and the riverside seating never eventuated. What’s worse, the bakery was left enclosed in a dark end of the complex, and they lost half of their existing seating space.

And just to rub salt into the wounds, the complex owners refused to reduce their rent.

With three children and no savings, Tamara and Jason needed a strategy to take them forward. Tamara enrolled in the Ultimate program, signing up for the payment plan and threw herself into her studies.

Meticulously pouring over the materials (and cross checking everything Dymphna was saying with the internet!), it took Tamara a full 12 months to develop her strategy.

However, now she knew what she wanted, and the exact kind of deal she was after.

“I was cross-checking everything Dymphna was saying on the Internet. It all checked out…”