February 20, 2022 by Dymphna

Video: Rental Boom Delivers BIG GAINS

Rents are still EXPLODING in 2022.

And if you were prepared (aka listening to me) you’ll know just how BIG it’s paying off for investors.

I’m diving into that, as well as a ton of other property and ecomonic news and events this week.

Here’s everything I’m covering.

  • Why we are probably past “peak-Covid”,
    …But ‘story stocks’ are still falling.
  • How inflation caught the RBA flat-footed,
    …But why markets are wrong to expect rate hikes soon.
  • How a surge of first home buyers has created a rental shortage.
    …Why the regions have been particularly hard hit,
    …And why it could get even worse when the borders open.
  • Plus much, much, more…

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