August 11, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] How an unemployed refugee became an international property millionaire and started paying himself $180,000 a year!

Wilson Tieu came to Australia 40 years ago as a refugee. When he lost his job in IT, he turned to property investment to turn his life around. With a focus on the US market, Wilson has built a six figure salary for himself from scratch and has never been happier.

Wilson calls himself a ‘slow learner’, but that hasn’t held him back. What he might lack in speed, he certainly makes up for in vision and passion. And when you look at what he’s achieved in just five years – dozens of deals to his name and a passive income of $180,000 a year – it makes you wonder what Wilson’s definition of ‘quick’ is!

Wilson has leveraged his opportunities. He partnered up with some experienced investors through the I Love Real Estate network to skill-up as quickly as he could, and has set up multiple income streams through the intelligent use of management rights.

Wilson remembers that when he told his family about his plans to transform his life through property, they were sceptical. “Sometimes your family can detect the changes that are happening to you, and they resist it. It makes them uncomfortable. But you can’t let it stop you. You just have to tell them that you appreciate their love and concern, but this is something you need to do.”

When Wilson made his first forays into the American market, he made a decision not to tell his family until after the deals had become successful! But now, his family are happy. The proof is in the pudding.

When he joined Dymphna Boholt’s Platinum program five years ago, Wilson had no job, no income and a pile of debt outstanding on his PPR. Now he works two months on, two months off, earns over $180,000 p.a and has ten properties in the US alone.