August 7, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] A love-struck young immigrant went from earning $9ph to pulling in $30,000 a year from a $3.6m portfolio… and got the girl!

Richard and his girlfriend Jane landed in Australia in 2007 with a suitcase of clothes and just $5,000 in cash.

Living in a crowded boarding house and studying IT at university, Richard thought himself lucky to be earning $9/hr waiting tables at a restaurant in Darling Harbour.

In China, that was big money.

When they graduated and moved into their own rental apartment, Richard was happy. They had made it and Richard was ready for the “happily ever after.”

Jane had other ideas.

Jane wanted more from life. She didn’t want to be average and always struggling to get by. And she wanted to be able to help her parents. She just couldn’t see any future with Richard that excited her, and announced that she was moving out.

Richard was devastated.

Richard begged Jane to give him another chance. He would turn their life around, and build a future that would excite them both. Jane moved out of their apartment, but promised not to sever ties.

Richard was on notice. How could he turn their life around?

About this time, his new housemate lent him some books on property, and rekindled a long-held fascination with property.

However, he wasn’t managing his money well, spending a lot on Jane and flashy dates and cruises. Before long he had $40,000 worth of credit card debt across five separate credit cards. He also lost money trading ForEx with no idea what he was doing. He just couldn’t bring himself to tell Jane.

And so, hoping to turn thing around, he joined Dymphna’s Ultimate program in 2012, signing up to the payment plan and putting it all on his credit card.

Richard suddenly had an answer. He could see how he could solve his financial problems, and create an exciting life for them both in Australia. He threw himself into his education and deal-making, and in just 4 short years, he has amassed a 10-property portfolio, worth over $3.6m, and delivering $30,000 pa in passive income.

And he got the girl!