November 25, 2021 by Dymphna

Video: A $600k increase in value, without lifting a finger.

More hot news from the Aussie property market…

A couple was able to flip their house for over $600k.

They only had it for 9 weeks.

You might be thinking…

Huge scale renovations?

Crazy sellers?


In fact, in the whole 9 weeks they didn’t even touch it once.

I’m gonna tell you how they pulled it off.

Here’s what else you’ll discover this week.

  • Why the Aussie economy is set to come storming back,
    …and why there’s still masses of head room room to grow.
  • Why the energy crisis will end soon,
    …But not before Aussie companies make out like bandits.
  • Why foreign buyers are eyeing Aussie property,
    …And why this is a classic case of history repeating.
  • And why our scorching hot market is only 7th in the world for growth right now,
    …but why we could be number 1 soon.

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