The one thing all successful people know

What had bread got to do with success? Today’s video is a lesson we can take from a bread knife and why you may be living an unbalanced life. It’s time to change up the way you’re doing things if that’s the case.

Is this dangerous idea making you a coward?

Somewhere this idea once served a purpose but the context it’s get’s used here in the west I find dangerous and destructive. Watch this and make sure you’re not ever thinking like this.

The “You Are What You think” Revolution

Everyone’s heard the old saying that you are what you eat… but there is something that affects you much more deeply and yet most people never pay attention to it. So I want to change that and start a new revolution.

Don’t get out of your comfort zone!

I hear this advice all the time “Get out of your comfort zone” But with the world changing as fast as it is – that advice is starting to look like a very poor strategy for life. Watch this video – you’ll see what I mean:

Use your goals to defend your success

To get to where you want to go you need smart goals. There are reasons and a formula that makes this works while other goals and dreams often fail. Check out this weeks video to see what I mean:

The power of the “I am ready” formula

There is a big difference between a dream and something that becomes your reality. But what is that difference and how can you use it to make your dreams a reality… Here’s the answer – take a minute to watch this:

To all my haters… Thanks

To forge a sword it must go through fire. For all the people that believe in you there will be 100 that want you to fail… Thanks these people and use it… That’s the secret in this video… Watch it.