October 5, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] Two years in property, and Adam’s just booked $5.4m profit on a single deal! How Adam took charge of his life.

Fifteen years in the finance industry had given him nothing.

When Adam and Alison moved back to Australia from the UK, they had to start from scratch. Adam’s financial career had not left him with any contacts in Australian banks, and Alison was giving up her income to care for their new baby at home.

Adam had no experience with property, but in mid-2013 he attended a Dymphna boot camp as well as one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad life coaching events. Both opened his eyes to the possibility of financial freedom, but first came the hard work.

Between his career and studying the ‘mountains’ of material in Dymphna’s program, Adam found himself working until seven o’clock every evening and then staying up half the night with the baby, only to head out the house again at six in the morning.

Clear, specific goals and support from his family gave Adam the strength he needed to keep going. His dedication has since paid off, landing one big development deal that has generated a net profit of over $5.4 million and passive income of over $100,000.

These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.