Aman & Thiru

Two Newbie Property Investors Who Joined ILRE At Different Times Made $9.5 Million By Working Together

Fate works in mysterious ways. And sometimes you’ll find the perfect business partner when you least expect it.

This is exactly what happened to Aman and Thiru. And though it took many years, their partnership led them to incredible success.

But how did it happen?

Let’s start with Aman, a man with a fighting spirit. See, he had to shoulder his family’s staggering debt of $215,000 and support his wife and seven-year-old daughter. Since his parents went bankrupt, he really wanted to help them get back on their feet.

Aman recalled:

“I came here as a student because my parents went bankrupt back in India. They have a lot of private lenders chasing them. So, I asked my parents to find a way so I could go somewhere and leave India. So I found one of my uncles to support me and fund my visa.”

He came to Australia in 2007 as a student and worked double shifts as a chef and taxi driver. At the same time, his wife was an assistant nurse working double shifts. Both had little time for their daughter and even less time for themselves.

As for Thiru, she was a consulting engineer for the last sixteen years. While she’s knowledgeable on property investing as she worked for big property developers, she couldn’t do it herself.

Just like Aman, Thiru had a family of her own – a husband and three sons. And yes, she was making a decent amount from her job. But the drawback was that she had virtually no time for her family.

Things had to change. Since she knew how much her bosses made from property, she wanted in.

Interestingly, Aman and Thiru joined ILRE at different times.

Aman joined in 2007 after learning about it from a friend and having the desire to turn his life around.
Meanwhile, Thiru joined in 2018 as a quantum member after attending a one-day event. Then, she spent her entire maternity leave learning about property investing.

And that 11-year gap between them when they joined ILRE didn’t stop them from collaborating.

Solo Deals

Like most property investors, both Aman and Thiru had to get through their first deals alone. Those were challenging times for them as they had minimal experience.

Aman’s first deal was a duplex build in 2016. It had three beds, two baths, and one car each. It was held for cash flow until 2020 and he sold it at a loss because of COVID. He wanted to cash out and move on to other opportunities.

With this first deal, Aman lost $18,000. It was a humbling experience for him and taught him a lot of lessons.

But a single failure wasn’t enough to stop him. He used the knowledge he gained from this experience to refine his strategy before moving on to his next deals.

Aman’s second deal was a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. While this had nine months of delayed settlement, that was the only issue. Aman converted it into an Airbnb, which earned him a positive cash flow of $16,800 per annum.

Overall, it was a successful deal.

Aman’s third deal was also in the same location and also an Airbnb. He pocketed an additional $22,560 through this investment. What’s more, he soon realised his earnings were gradually increasing.

It was a clear sign that his life was also improving.

Thiru, meanwhile, had more resources available to her. This meant that she could go for bigger deals right from the start. At the same time, she wanted to put that year of studying with Dymphna and ILRE to good use.

Her first deal was a duplex build in 2018 which had three beds, two baths, and one car each – a real cookie cutter. This property was for a long-term hold, and she managed to uplift the equity by $300,000.

Deal two was another duplex, but with much higher profits. It was a knockdown and rebuild project that was approved in three months and took 12 months to finish. Her total profit from this deal was $1,400,000.

Aman’s and Thiru’s unique experiences gave them the right skills and knowledge that would complement each other in the future.

Becoming Property Tycoons Together

After tasting success in their first deals, Aman and Thiru decided to level things up.
They both joined Platinum.

This is when they met each other and started their long business relationship. However, it would take a while before they would do their first joint venture.

Before starting their partnership, Aman had one last solo deal. It was 5 duplex deals, with each unit giving him an average profit of $650,000.

With this added income, Aman could now do whatever he wanted. He then sold his PPR for extra money and started a construction company.

Conversely, Thiru already made enough from her previous deals to retire and celebrate. She finally went full-time as a property investor and bought herself a new car.

And when the stars aligned, Aman and Thiru started their first joint venture.

Their first joint venture was a knockdown and rebuild duplex. The project took them 15 months to complete and netted them each a profit of $600,000.

Their next series of deals were house and land with a 5% deposit. It was a great find as it had no holding costs. While the built-in houses were made and supplied by Skymark, their total profit was $770,000.

Satisfied with the results of their strategy, Aman and Thiru then did five more land-and-build deals, still at a 5% deposit.

While the settlement was delayed by 18 months, it’s still a worthy investment for them. There was a total profit of $750,000 in 12 months and GRV deals of $6,500,000.

They then did a knockdown-and-rebuild duplex with no money down. This project earned the two $500,000.
Soon enough, duplex JV deals became Aman and Thiru’s cookie-cutter, and they continued to do it for significant profits.

The Phenomenal Result of Combined Minds

Being based in Perth, Kristi had never heard of MReal estate turned the lives of both Aman and Thiru around. By becoming property investors, they were both finally able to leave the rat race and live the life of their dreams.

Aman freed himself from debt and supported his family back in India. He also lessened his wife’s burden and is now able to spend more time with his family.

Thiru, meanwhile, was able to quit her stressful and time-consuming job and reap the same rewards as her bosses did.

They’ve both come so far, and it was made possible through ILRE’s guidance and network. If they hadn’t joined, they would have never met each other.

And they would have never reached the level of success they’re both enjoying.

Before meeting Dymphna, Aman was broke and saddled with debt. He had a super worth $20,000… but his loans amounted to a terrifying $215,000!

But after meeting Dymphna?

He made a total profit of $4,614,250 as a property investor.

While Thiru wasn’t saddled with monetary problems, she had issues with time. Time that she couldn’t spend with the people she loved. But she was able to gain it back by becoming a property investor.

Also, before meeting Dymphna, her properties were valued at $6,100,000…

She also had a debt of $4,510,000…

Owned equity amounting to $1,200,000…

And her assets were negatively geared.

But after meeting Dymphna?

She now had projects valued at a whopping $88,000,000 and she profited $4,775,000 from them!

With their newfound financial freedom, both Aman and Thiru can now spend more time with their family. And they also have the capability to support their parents back in India and Sri Lanka, respectively.

They now live their lives with less stress and are able to keep their minds and bodies healthy. And having more time for themselves allowed them to pick up the right habits to enhance their wellbeing.

…Which not only benefits them but also their families as well.

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

Aman’s and Thiru’s unique experiences gave them the right skills and knowledge that would complement each other in the future.


Total Projects Costs: $60,517,000
Total Projects Profits: $10,638,000
Aman’s Share: $4,614,250

Total Projects Costs: $88,000,000
Total Projects Profits: $12,255,000
Thiru’s Share: $4,775,000