February 6, 2020 by Dymphna

Turmeric Lattes: my new secret to success?

The ingredients we need rarely come in ready-made bundles…

I’m getting into turmeric lattes.

I know, I know. Yep. Hipster Dymphna.

But I’m into them. Especially if I’ve got an afternoon meeting in a café. It’s too late in the day to hit a coffee. Too early for tequila shots.

Turmeric lattes are the perfect alternative.

Especially since turmeric is associated with a bunch of useful properties. I’m always wary of these snake-oil fads that come around, but there does seem to be a bit of evidence that turmeric is good at fighting inflammation, and it’s inflammation that seems to be behind a host of modern ailments – from cancer to hip pain.

(Again. Me: property investor. Not a substitute for professional medical advice.)

But there’s an interesting thing about turmeric. It turns out that humans aren’t great at absorbing it.

Well, that’s not exactly right. We’re not great at absorbing curcumin – which is the active chemical ingredient that does all the good stuff.

But, if you ingest curcumin alongside another chemical called piperine, then it becomes far easier to absorb. They combine together and the curcumin becomes more ‘bio-available’.

And where do you get piperine?

In your kitchen. It’s found in black pepper.

Yep, just simple black pepper out of your household pepper shaker.

And so while turmeric latte’s are great, if you want the full goodness, take your turmeric with black pepper. Coconut oil also seems to be a player here, but I haven’t looked into why.

(Again. Not trying to be a substitute for professional medial advice here.)

But the reason why I’m sharing this is not because I’m trying to branch out into health and wellness advice.

(I’ve left my run too late to become a fitness model influencer on Instagram.)

Rather, I think this relationship between turmeric and pepper points to something universal about our experiences here.

We rarely get the things we need in isolation. The keys to our success and health and wealth are scattered across the landscape in a menu list of ingredients.

And I see it in my work. Sometimes a student will come to me with drive and discipline, and I see that those qualities just need to be activated with a bit of knowledge about the right investment strategies.

Sometimes a student will come to me with a pretty good understanding of how the property market works, and that just needs to be activated with a dose of self-belief and trust.

Sometimes a student will come will all the things they need, and they just need a bit of bootinthebumium.

This is why everyone’s journey is different.

And so this is my homework for you: What ingredients do you already have? And what do you need to activate them?

What are your strengths – what is your inner turmeric? And what do you need to activate those strengths into their full potential? What is your personal peperine?

Is it more motivation? Is it more self-belief? Is if just the right set of tools and strategies?

Success might actually be a lot closer than you think? You might just need a little something to activate the wonderful skills and qualities you already have.

If that strikes you as inspiring, it should.