June 11, 2019 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: Hunt questions, not answers

They say that you don’t win a Nobel Prize for your answer.

You win it for your question.

Ask the right question, find the right way of framing the problem, look for what it is that no one else is seeing… and the secrets of the universe will open themselves to you.

Our lives are exactly the same.

I carry a note book with me everywhere I go. I’ve got a notebook fetish. But mostly what I’m jotting down is questions.

Why does that person rub me up the wrong way? Why don’t I believe what this person is telling me? Why do I get a tightness in my chest when I’ve got to talk in front of people? Why do I love this style of architecture so much?

And the gold is in the detail. I’m trying to dig down into my own psyche to really understand what is going on. I’m not asking broad, vague questions like, “How can I be more awesome?”

No, I’m going for specifics. “How do I manage my frustration with tradies who treat me like a dum-dum?”

The clearer the question, the more useful the answer.

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” and I think this is what he meant.

To reach our full potential – to grow and to blossom and to burn bright in the constellation of humanity – it requires constant self-inquiry.

It requires a relentless curiosity into who we are, and how we can be better.

So start asking questions. Find the most interesting, intriguing, entertaining question you can within yourself.

This, is where your journey starts.