May 14, 2019 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why This Author Could Change Your Life!

Three authors that can ruin your life if you listen to their message,
… and one that can save it!

Reading is important – Look into it and you’ll find all the great entrepreneurs make a lot of time to read.

But there is one Author who will completely change your life… I promise.

It’s you!

You can be the author of your own life.

You have the power to tell a story that’s stirring with passion, or tear-soaked with beauty, or whatever you want.

The power is in your hands.

The only catch is that you have to claim it. You have to consciously choose to be your own author.


Because there are authors who want to steal your life from you, write it all out on their terms.

Who are these mysterious authors?

Well, there’s three of them. Let me introduce you.

The first author is Mr B. Normal. All of his stories evolve out of the status quo.

The lead-character grows up in culture where everyone puts on a suit and gets a job, and so they put on a suit and get a job.

They often think they’re living a life that makes them happy, but if they truly examined their desires, they’d soon realise that their goals in life were nothing but hand-me-downs.

The second author is Ms N.V Ous. All of her characters are trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

Her best friend gets a sports car, so she gets a sports car.

Her friend goes to China on holiday, so she goes to Japan.

All her wants and desires are just manifestations of a single over-arching desire – to maintain her status, rank and popularity.

This desperate need trumps her authentic desires at every turn.

The final author’s name is Vic.

Vic Tim. All of his characters live their lives for others.

They get a good job because that’s what their mother would have wanted.

They stay in toxic relationships for the sake of the kids. They don’t go to art classes because it makes their partner feel threatened.

Over time, their own needs and desires become buried in the gowns of service.

Is anyone else getting sick of these stories?

I am.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m here to tell you that you have the power to write your own story. You have the capacity to offer the world a life that comes from nowhere but the authentic flare of your own creativity.

Give me a life that is truly yours.

That comes from your needs, your wants, your instincts to magic and beauty.

Forget all these cheap, second-hand stories. Tell me your story. The story that is yours and no one else’s.

The world is ready to hear it.

I am ready to hear it.