November 12, 2019 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: What every dreamer forgets to do

This is something every dreamer forgets to do, and why most people fail

There’s an often-overlooked discipline of success.

And that’s saying no to things you want.

Now this might sound strange. I normally bang on about life in an abundant universe. I’m a card-carrying believer that you can have whatever you want… if you’re willing to pay the price.

So why would I say that you should be saying no to things you want.

The thing I want to stress is that on the road to the one thing you want, you will be offered many other things – lesser things – that also seem very appealing.

And if you say yes to all of these ‘lesser-goals’ you will never arrive at your final destination.

We often think about the goal-manifestation experience as a sort of binary journey. That is, you have to put up with a whole bunch of life-situations that are not awesome, until finally you pave the way for the awesome experience you’ve set your sights on.

Not-awesome. Not-awesome. Not-awesome. AWESOME!

But life in an abundant universe is rarely like that. In my experience, the road to the awesome experience you’re dreaming of is literally littered with thousands of awesome-but-not-quite-as-awesome experiences.

So you dream of working in an ice-cream shop. You do a tafe course in sweets, and by chance, get offered a job in a French bakery.

“Oh yeah, that’s pretty similar,” you think, so you take the job. “Close enough.”

Or your financial strategy is calling out for a chunk deal that delivers $100K of equity uplift. You find something that gives you $75K, so you jump on it.

After all, $75K is pretty awesome.

It is.

But it’s not the full awesome.

There’s two dangers with this kind of wishy-washiness.

The first is that the not-as-awesome crowds out the fully awesome.

So in the above deal, that’s pretty obvious. If you use your equity and borrowing power to deliver that $75K deal, you’ve got nothing to do a $100K deal with if it came along.

(And it probably was coming…)

Or you’re dreaming of driving a Ferrari, but you find a Porsche going for a great price. There’s only room in your garage for one car…

By accepting not-as-awesome, we limit our potential. We limit the awesomeness of the experiences available to us.

The other danger is that it is a strong statement – to the universe and to ourselves – that we are just not that committed to the things we say we want. We can bought off for anything that’s just kind of in the ball park.

That’s not the hunger and intensity you should be bringing to your quest. That kind of wishy-washiness never really delivers results.

And if you don’t believe that you really want what you say you want – if you know that your goals are just ‘aspirational’ – then the universe won’t take you seriously either.

To tap the full-power of the your own and the universe’s creative impulses, you need to be iron-like in your resolve. Once you have picked your mark, you have to give everything to its pursuit.

How’s that old samurai saying go:

“Watch the hunting hawk. Even though it enters into the midst of a thousand birds, it pays no attention to any one other than the one it first marked.”

It’s like that.

Be disciplined enough to say no. Save yourself for the things you truly want.