December 4, 2018 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Do I believe in fate? My answer will surprise you.

I believe in fate, but not in the traditional sense. I still believe in personal power.

Your life has it’s own drive.

For a long time I was pretty lost. My life just didn’t seem like it had any internal consistency, any logic. It just didn’t make sense.

My upbringing on a Queensland cattle farm that gave me grit and an automatic immune response to BS. My training as a professional economist and accountant. The marriage break up. The embezzlement and an accountancy practice on the brink of bankruptcy.

My journey to take control of my life again through property investment.

And then the invites to speak at events. The requests for mentoring. People in my circle who wanted me to share my message with the world and wanted to help.

Even in the thick of it, it all just seemed a bit random.

I had the pieces of a puzzle, but I couldn’t see the bigger picture. I couldn’t put everything in its place.

At times it would make patches of sense. Pieces would slot in together. So my upbringing and my training gave me a capacity to explain financial stuff in a way that people could actually get. Put those together, and you get invited to speak at events.

That bit made sense.

And there were times I got a sense that a bigger picture was forming. I felt something like a guiding hand – a logic asserting itself through the pieces of my life. But for a long while it was nothing more than a sense – a hunch.

Today, my life makes sense. I can see the logic of it. It’s amazing and it makes me profoundly grateful.

I can see how all the elements of my life have lined up to create the life I am living – this amazing and blessed life that I am living.

But I wasn’t the one who put the pieces together.

I mean, if someone said, “I want to do what you’re doing, Dymphna. I want to be property-educator.” What would I tell them?

“First, get yourself raised by some good, hard-working country folk. Then study something you don’t love but has good career prospects. Then take yourself to the brink of bankruptcy, get divorced, and use the cries of your hungry kids to motivate you into passionate self-education. That should do it.”

No, I don’t believe in fate – not in the conventional sense. If someone gets hit by a bus, I don’t say, “Oh, it was his fate.”

That kind of fate leaves no room for free will, and I’m a big believer in free-will and personal responsibility.

But I do have a sense of fate in this ‘big picture’ sense – themes that inform your life, that are waiting just below the surface, waiting to play themselves out.

And I believe that life has a beautiful, magical quality when these themes are given room to express themselves. Call it ‘alignment’ if you want to.

But the thing I would say is, don’t try to consciously call these themes out. Don’t worry about the bigger picture. It will come in time.

I mean, imagine if you told me when I was 19 it was my fate to be a property educator. I wouldn’t of believed you, and even if I did, what would I have done with that info?

“Righto, I need to make sure I marry the wrong person so I can have that messy divorce I need.”

The great mystery of life is overturning the pieces one by one, and being totally bewildered to the bigger picture.

It’s a beautiful thing.

So where does that leave us?

Partly, yeah, don’t worry about it. Don’t stress about the bigger picture. If you don’t know it now, don’t worry about it. It will come in time.

But the other thing I would say is to give yourself fully to your themes. So in every direction you go in life, give yourself to it fully. Don’t hold anything back. Navigate by heart and do what you can to clear away everything that doesn’t feel like it’s serving you.

Commit to nothing but living your life at full volume, and your life will naturally take shape, just as it is supposed to.

I think it might really be as simple as that.