October 22, 2019 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Before you complain, read this

I’ve found the perfect building material. It’s not what you think

Ok, I want you to imagine Goldilocks enters a sculpture competition.

In the first round, she has to make something out of water.

Water is very easy to push against and move, but it has not shape. It’s too soft. As soon as she moves it one place, it flops back into its original shape.

“It’s too soft,” she complains. “I can’t make anything of this.”

She goes on to the second round.

In this round she is given a steel girder. She can’t do anything with this either. It’s too hard. It is strong in its shape, but it’s impossible to move and sculpt. She pushes against it and nothing happens.

“It’s too hard,” she complains. “I can’t make anything of this.”

And so she goes on to the third round.

In this round she is given the perfect building material. It is neither too soft nor too hard.

When she pushes against it, it offers resistance, but yields soon enough. It responds to her direction.

And once she has moved it into place, it has enough internal strength to stay there. It doesn’t collapse back into its original shape.

It is malleable enough to shape to her liking, strong enough to hold it’s own form.

It is the perfect building material.

And what is the material I’m talking about?


That’s what I reckon.

Life is the perfect building material.

It is responsive. It is beautifully responsive. You put an intention out there, and you can see it happen. You can put energy towards something, and slowly and surely, it will start to take shape.

And it has an integrity of it’s own. Once you have set things in place – wealth systems, systems for connecting with people you love – you can step away without it all falling apart. Life holds its own form.

It is in perfect balance. It is perfectly malleable and perfectly firm.

And it’s that dynamic balance that gives you the opportunity to build incredible things with your short time here.

That’s what I reckon.

But notice that for life to be the perfect building material, then it needs to be firm. It needs to have it’s own strength. It needs to push back against your intention to shape it one way or the other.

I know a lot of us would like life to be perfectly malleable. Like, if we could just whisper a magic word, and just like that, have whatever we want.

That’d be nice.

But if life were that malleable, nothing would last.

And so life needs to push back. It needs to make things tough for you. It needs to resist you.

Life needs to resist you.

So remember this. Life will resist you, not because it doesn’t want what you want, but if anything is going to last, then life needs to have its own strength.

So don’t complain about this. Life will challenge you. That is just the strength of the material you’re working with, that you’re feeling in your hands.