May 29, 2018 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: 3 tips for tapping intuition

Intuition isn’t a spiritual thing, but it is a deep process.

Sometimes your body knows long before you do. Maybe this is what we call ‘intuition’.

I remember a little while back I was looking at this property that was on two titles. The titles were side by side, but the house had been built across the front of both titles.

I’ve worked with properties like this before, and normally without too much fuss, you can rearrange the boundaries so it’s front and back (there was rear-lane access).

Anyway, we stumbled on this one late and the real estate agent was showing us around, all the while letting us know that there were some good offers on the table already and the vendor was close to accepting.

I sounded out our plans with him, and he was very encouraging. I asked him what he thought, and he said, “I’m 100% confident you could build something there,” waving towards the back of the block.

At the time, when he said it, I felt this little flash inside. Like a chemical flare of some sort.

But the conversation was moving so I had to keep up. We moved on to other things.

Anyway, later that day, I’m talking to my partner, and I was saying, that it didn’t feel right.


“I don’t know.”

“Well, if you don’t have a reason, maybe there isn’t a reason.”

Ok, so this is mistake number 1. This is western scientific idea and it’s incredibly limiting. Just because I haven’t arranged the thoughts in my conscious mind yet doesn’t mean that I’m not clued into something.

Our ‘intellect’ runs deep into the body. What we experience in conscious, language-based thought is barely the tip of the iceberg. If we’re relying on this kind of knowing, and this kind of knowing alone, then we’re limiting ourselves in a massive way.

“Yeah, nah. I need to think about it.”

And so I carved out a bit of quiet time and gave it some thought.

There’s a few ways to do this, but it’s an incredibly important process. We just have to deal with and digest so much information in a day. A lot of it gets parked on the back-burner until we have time to look at it properly.

But that function only works if you are making the time for it on a regular basis. If you are creating an outlet for it.

So I sat down and stared at the wall for a bit.

I noticed that my mind had taken a precise video of that moment. I could see it very clearly.

I couldn’t even remember what I had had for breakfast that day. Why, of all the things that I had experienced that day, had my mind decided to store an accurate account of that part of our conversation?

And why had that flare gone off in me, even though I had no idea of the significance.

Anyway, long story short, the agent was trying to rush us. Our due diligence showed that the back of the block was prone to flooding, and a front/back subdivision wasn’t going to fly.

When he said, “build something” he was talking about a granny flat. The council treated granny’s on those kind of blocks as complying developments, and waved them through.

So it was technically true, but not what we were meaning.

Now, some people might say that this was the guidance of angels or something, but I don’t put a spiritual spin on it.

For me, it’s about recognising that our intelligence is deep and massive. Our conscious thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg.

The trouble is, we keep our conscious mind so engaged. If it’s not our own thoughts, then it’s the TV or radio.

We never give ourselves the downtime for our deeper intelligence to be heard.

You’re cutting off a massive amount of your power like this.

So take notice when something jumps out at you, even if you don’t know why.

Trust yourself if something feels off, even if you can’t articulate it… yet.

And give yourself the time for your deep intelligence to be heard.

Oh, and keep your wits about you when you’re standing between a real estate agent and his commission!