January 14, 2020 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb: 2020 gives us a strange opportunity

Truth Bomb Tuesday: this could give you the kick in the pants you need


I hope that number is hitting you like an alarm clock.

Yes, we’re here. This is the year 2020.

To be honest I never thought we’d get here. I didn’t actually think this year was real. For a long time, 2020 was just a short-hand for ‘the distant future’.

When I was a kid, I thought 2020 would be all jet-packs, lasers and robots that could play tennis.

But now here we are. Welcome to the future.

And so what do you think? Do you like it? Is it everything you thought it would be?

Or is it a bit awkward? Is the year 2020 a bit of a slap in the face – a reminder that you’re just not living the life you were dreaming of?

Did you maybe think that you’d be sorted by now? Did you think that by 2020, surely you would have made a million dollars, plumped up that nest-egg and got your cashflow sorted?

Did you think that by now, surely you’d have figured out what the money game was all about? Surely you wouldn’t still be fretting about how to pay for life’s basics, let alone the wine-club membership and the private tennis lessons?

(The tennis robots are coming).

2020. Don’t tell me we’re still stuck in ruts, stuck in jobs we hate and stuck in the limited-lifestyle doldrums.

Don’t tell me that. This is 2020. This is the future. Don’t tell we’ve survived this long just to be eking out an existence.

The alarm clock is ringing folks. 2020. Time to rise up.

The ghost of every promise you ever made yourself should be haunting you now. Every hope and aspiration you ever had about where you’d be by now, and the life you wanted to be living – that stuff should be keeping you up at night.

It should. Unless you’ve just got your head-down. Unless your strategy is to just focus on tidying up the mess from Christmas and jumping back into the messy plunge-pool of busy-ness that is your day job. Unless your strategy is to just try and ignore the fact that it’s 2020 already, and hope that by April you’ve somehow got used to the idea.

But if you’re planning on ignoring the alarm clock the year has given us, I need to practice my backhand on your forehead.

(Seriously. Tennis robots. Only the strong will survive.)

I know it’s uncomfortable. I know it’s hard to look at how far short you’ve fallen of your most beautiful dreams.

But alarm clocks make ugly noises for a reason.

They’re there to disturb us. They’re there to break us out of our sleep and hurl us into action.

That’s what alarm clocks do.

And so let 2020 be the alarm clock you’ve be waiting for. Let it be the rallying cry you’ve needed to get you up and into the work that your beautiful life demands.

Take action. Don’t hit the snooze button. Not this year.

Because you’re life is passing you by, day by day.

And I can already see 2030 from here.