"They Laughed At Me When I Said I Was Going To Replace My Income and Become a Real Estate Millionaire In 3 Years... But Then I Did It In Just 18 Months!"

Brand New One-Day Event Reveals: The Systems and Strategies to Create Growth and Positive Cashflow For Smart Real Estate Investors Today

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Growth and Cashflow Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires event is four massive seminars squeezed into one powerful event

The only place where you'll discover my A to Z blueprint on how to create a real estate portfolio that could potentially achieve both amazing positive cashflow and growth in the next 3 - 5 years.

  • Cashflow Positive Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires.
  • Growth And Fast-Equity Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires.
  • Asset Protection Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires.
  • Tax Minimization Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires.
Your Presenters

Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt is Australia’s #1 Real Estate Speaker and Provocateur

She’s a retired accountant, qualified economist, full-time real estate investor, author (5 books), founder of the iLoveRealEstate Community (with 10,167 paid members) and mother of 3 children.

She’s a thought leader with a difference who is dedicated to busting all the commonly held beliefs and myths about what’s possible for the average Australian investor with respect to achieving financial freedom using real estate as the vehicle.

Her strategies, theories, teachings, education and most importantly forecasts, have been proven correct time and time again. However, the proof is not in what she’s been able to achieve for herself, but in the results and outstanding achievements of her I Love Real Estate community members.

Her mantra is: “Make a decision today. Get off the comfy couch now, put your ‘peg in the sand’ and do whatever is required to create cash flow and wealth. Not in 20 years, but in the next 3-5 years – The only truth are your results.”

My Proprietary Property Genius Formula

My specific Blueprint on how I take a complete novice and awaken them to discover their unique wealth genius

This is my proprietary formula for success and I’ve had the privilege of seeing my work play-out in the laboratory of life. The only truth is the result. You’ll come to see for yourself, with irrefutable proof that the results of my property genius formula are outstanding.

No two investors are the same, however there is a foundational matrix of skills, strategies and knowledge that is required to achieve real estate and financial success. My formula is a pure holistic approach to investing that no-one else teaches.

I hold nothing back and I’ll show you all the pieces of the wealth puzzle required for you to achieve your financial dreams. Once you’ve received this information and you implement the formula, you’re unlikely to ever be challenged with money problems again.

At my one-day events I’ll be covering several aspects of my property genius formula and how you can take advantage of it in your own wealth creation journey and create your own genius.

Session #1: Positive Cashflow Strategies

Despite what 99% of the population thinks, there are still areas in Australia where you can find positive cashflow properties.

But be warned! 80% of those properties are not what I would call "investment opportunities." You need to be able to recognise exactly what makes a positive cash flow property a good long-term proposition.

You'll get to be an "EXPERT" You'll know every secret there is… And how to use them!!

  • Discover why cash-flow is better than growth and when you need to focus on it

  • How to transform a negative-cashflow property into a positive one with this simple trick

  • The best areas you can currently buy in for high rental returns in Australia

  • How to find properties that can give you positive-cashflow to the tune of $10,000 - $15,000 per year (a handful of these could quickly replace your income)

  • Questions you must ask before investing in a cashflow positive property (this little checklist could save you from wasting thousands. Keep it with you whenever you invest in a property)

  • Learn exactly what passive income gives you and why it's so important if your goal is to retire in the next 5 years

  • Why Australian get sucked in to property deals that cost them money rather than make them money

  • Discover why negative gearing is a dumb idea... and if you follow it, why it will keep you hand-cuffed to a JOB for the rest of your life... YUCK!

  • The exact investment that gave me an instant $29,000 in positive cash-flow

  • Plus much, much more…

Session #2: Manufactured Growth Strategies

Discover how to create your own mini property boom in the next 12 months regardless of the economic climate

OK, this strategy works really well in a slow market. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to get access to deals that were simply too expensive a short while ago.

Now considering a property boom is returning about 12% per annum, in this section I'm going to show you how you can return around 20-30%, consistently.

  • How to create HUGE capital gain with subdivisions, planning permits, development approvals and zoning changes. (You don't have to be a developer or builder to do this. This is how the big boys make millions of dollars).

  • How to secure and control property with very little money out of your pocket, using professional option clauses in contracts.

  • When to search for a growth property for capital gain versus an income property for cashflow (get this wrong, and you could back yourself into a corner)

  • How to get vendor finance from a builder or developer (And get into deals with no money down. The secret lies in knowing when to spot the opportunity – and when to act)

  • How to instantly tell if a house is about to boom in value. Real example (if you see this, get in fast before everyone catches on)

  • How to force growth without having to wait for property prices to rise in value

  • How to present no-money-down deals that people find hard to resist

  • One of the easiest ways to predict future house prices in any area

  • Plus much, much more…

Session #3: Tax Minimisation Strategies

Legal and ethical tax secrets of the rich that can massively slash your tax burden

For the average Australian, taxes are the single largest bill they will pay. Almost 50% of every working person's wages go to taxes. On top of that, you've got utilities, rent, car loans and education expenses. So what has been the solution until now? Working harder and earning more money. The problem with that is you end up paying more tax.

It sounds unfair doesn't it? For most people earning money equals paying more taxes! Now, do you know anybody in the Tax Trap? You might even know them intimately.

Most Australians don't realise that the ATO have got a hand in your wallet and because of the small size of the deductions such as state taxes, federal taxes, Medicare, petrol taxes, land taxes and on and on it goes, you just cop it sweet.

  • The best structure to buy in to maximise your income and minimise your tax

  • Why your accountant's advice to buy in your own name is really the worst advice you can get

  • A simple way to defer and save tax. Particularly useful if your kids are in their teens. Could potentially save you thousands

  • What you must get in order to legally depreciate your fixtures and fittings (such as curtains, drapes, light fittings, etc)

  • The dumb depreciation mistake many property investors make which is like poking a bear with a sore head in the eye with a stick (don’t do this, or you could end up on the tax office’s hit list)

  • Own an older investment property? That doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to building depreciation.

  • When claiming tax deductions for travelling to look at your investment property can land you in hot water (and how to do it right)

  • A simple way to be able to move money around and keep your taxes low (hardly anyone does this, but it can save you a fortune)

  • How to claim tax deductions on an overseas holiday

  • Do you work in a job for a salary? Here’s a few simple tips for slashing your tax bill

  • The type of structure you should NEVER have for an investment you expect to increase in value.

  • How to slash your taxes by paying your kids a wage

  • Plus much, much more…

Session #4: Asset Protection Strategies

Australia is closely behind the “Sue-Happy Yanks” when it comes to litigation, in fact NSW is third behind California and Texas for legal suits and Queensland and Victoria are in the top ten.

So do you have a "Bullet-proof" lawsuit protection in place for your personal assets to guard against such frivolous types of lawsuits?

  • Never again waste another minute worrying about losing your house, bank account, investment, business, etc to an unethical lawsuit?

  • See greedy, hostile litigation attorneys stop salivating and turn pale when you explain to them your asset protection strategy.

  • Barricade your assets with an impenetrable fortress where they are creditor proof, lawsuit proof and judgment proof forever.

  • You'll learn my tailored Asset Protection secrets that are tested, proven, legal tools. These tools are the most successful and thoroughly explained in Plain English.

  • Plus much, much more…

Real People Incredible Success Stories

Des, Shona & DJ Cannons started with only $110K in savings after leaving Victoria and driving to WA for a new life and in only 18 months they created over $90K is positive Cash-Flow and increased their equity to over $1 million!

When Brad went to Dymphna's 1-Day event he was in a negative equity and cash-flow position, and now believes that the investment in education was the best decision he ever made. Now, after a few years of being Dymphna's student Brad has now replaced pretty much half of his income and is looking forward to leaving his full time job in the next 5-6 months.

Rob Steer Starting with $58K in debt from UNI he promised Dymphna he would have 1 Property in 1 year, but now controls 5 properties worth over $2 million, and he has done this in just 18 months!

Esme Chin: In the very short period of 6 years, her portfolio has gone from nothing to now 20 properties which are valued at over $4 million and there is an incredible personal story as well

Tony & Marian Dawson Started with only $2,500 in positive cash-flow and took this to over $253K positive cash-flow and increased their equity by $1 million in just 2 ½ years!

Brian McNicol started with negative $180K and has managed to turn this around by $249K to a positive income of $64K in only a few years. While being close to retirement he is now doing a 14 unit development

Please Note: No remuneration was offered for appearing in this video and sharing their story. This is the student’s story in their own words and the timeline and details of all transactions have not been verified by Knowledge Source or Dymphna Boholt. Real estate investing is a dynamic vehicle. Cashflow and equity positions can change on a daily basis.


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