February 15, 2021 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: your excuses define you

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Want to know what you are capable of in life? This will tell you.

I can tell you where you’re at right now.

You are on the frontier where your courage and your excuses meet.

True Story.

Excuses can crowd in and smother a life. I’ve seen it a thousand times – that person with a thousand beautiful excuses.

“I couldn’t hit my deadline this month, I had the flu.”

“I haven’t found time to work on my financial game-plan yet… things are really hectic at home.”

“I can’t get much done on the weekends… the kids are just soooo needy.”

All beautiful excuses. All totally understandable. All perfectly valid.

But life will keep offering you excuses until you stop accepting them.

This is the secret that most people don’t know. Life will keep offering you excuses – perfectly acceptable excuses, beautiful excuses – until you stop accepting them.

If you don’t really want to do something – if you don’t really want to get your finances sorted for example – then life will always give you something you can grab and cling on to.

It always does.

And the more excuses you accept, the smaller your life becomes.

This doesn’t end until we make it end.

No one can do it for us. We have to take charge ourselves.

We have to push back on our excuses. We have to stop giving them so much ground. We have to start saying no.

The key here is courage – it’s the courage to rise up and deal with whatever challenges we face. It’s the desire to get up each day because we are driven by something greater than ourselves.

We might have the flu or a hectic home life, but we find a way regardless. We muster courage and find a way.

It’s the courage to say no to the parachute and ejector seat that your excuses are offering you, and to take total control.

And this is what defines our life.

This is what defines our experience here: We all live on that frontier where our courage and our excuses meet.

It’s the courage we summon and the excuses we accept.

Your life can be as grand as you want, or as small as your willing to let it be.

This is a doctrine of radical responsibility. It’s totally up to you.

It’s about deciding for yourself where your courage and excuses meet.

But both of them – and I really need you to see this – both of them are completely up to you.