June 30, 2020 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: What’s your lightning rod?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Emotional energy must be released, or the universe will find a way for you.

What’s your lightning rod?

In my experience, we all have them.

We all have these etheric aerials waving around, calling down high-voltage emotional charge.

And sooner or later, BAM, lightning strikes, and you get an intense surge of emotion coursing through your system.

Sometimes it can even blow out the lights.

Now I think a lot of times we don’t recognise these lightning rods for what they are.

Sometimes we think we have an intense emotional reaction because Gavin really is a d!ckhead and I’ve had enough of his crap.

That is, we see it as completely external.

Sometimes we give ourselves some role to play in it. Gavin was being a pain in the bum, but I was having a rough month and I hadn’t been sleeping well. I probably shouldn’t have thrown my lamington at him.

Sometimes we can take that self-reflection a step further. Gavin was being annoying, but when he said that stuff about responsibility, I was really triggered. My mum used to say stuff like that, so it brought up a lot of hurt for me.

That’s great. We ‘own’ it. We see that we are responsible for our reactions, and our reactions are deeply rooted in our historical experience.


But there’s another layer that I want to open your mind to – a layer that is often completely ignored.

And that’s the lightning rod layer.

Our emotions are an energy. They’re a mysterious and pivotal connection point between our bodies and the universe around us.

Take affirmations for example. Or vision-boards. Or success visualisation.

In all of these practices, emotions are key. The more emotional intensity you can bring to your affirmation, or the more clearly you can ‘feel’ the experience on your vision board, the more powerful these practices become.

Because emotions have energy.

Now, sometimes that energy gets a bit tangled up inside us.

If we don’t have productive ways to let that energy out – and if you grew up in Australia like I did, it’s likely that you’ve ended up with a fairly limited range of emotional expression.

“How ya going Dymphna?”

“Yeah, nah, can’t complain.”

So, sometimes that emotion gets caught inside the system – inside the body.

When that happens, it starts building up charge.

That’s not sustainable, and the system starts looking for ways to blow off charge.

That emotion becomes a lightning rod – it becomes an aerial waving around, trying to tempt down lightning.

If it can do that, then it can get the release it needs.

And so it starts calling down lightning. It starts calling in situations and experiences that are going to allow you to release that emotion.

It calls down Gavin.

Gavin and his stupid face come into your life because you need him. You need him to release the emotional charge that has been building up inside you.

As painful as it is to release.

This is a layer of experience that is worth being awake to.

Of course, sometimes Gavin in just a nob, and there’s no deeper significance than that.

But watch for those situations were a disproportionate amount of emotional energy seems to be released. Where later, in reflection, you realise that you got a bit carried away.

It’s possible that you are storing emotional charge.

And it’s possible you’re calling, and going to keep calling, stuff like that into your life.