March 24, 2020 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: Time for a ‘role-model mindset’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: how to make the most of this crisis

Look, I know we’re still deep in the woods with this one. I actually think most people have been so focused on the unfolding health crisis and on keeping their loved ones safe, that they haven’t fully woken up to the economic wrecking-ball that’s already unleashed and heading our way.

So we’re not out of the woods just yet. Not by a long shot.

But I can promise you one thing. This will end. One way or the other, at some point, this will be over. We will all pick up the pieces and keep going.

There’s never been a crisis like this one, but we have survived crises before, and we’ll survive this one.

And so the only thing I want to say is, don’t waste a good crisis.

That’s an investing tip, but it’s also a tip for your own growth and development.

And I get that as we go into lock-down, most people will either do one of two things. Either they’ll lock themselves up in a paranoid cocoon, constantly hooked up to Facebook and News Radio, tracking ever little shift in the crisis, as if that’s going to help them sit on the couch any better.

Or, they’ll totally drop out. They’ll see this is the excuse they’ve been longing for to do a 60-hour Netflix marathon (if NBN holds up – glad we didn’t skimp on the roll out of that one!)

And look, I totally get that. In fact, I encourage you to do a bit of both. Relax and chill-out. Stay informed and up-to-date. Just not to excess.

But what are people with a millionaire mindset doing right now?

Well, I can tell you for sure that they’re already nutting out ways to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

And there’s one thing that really helps us focus in a time like this:

The ‘role-model mindset’.

In an odd-way, just as social distancing is putting a physical distance between us, I think we are all becoming more keenly aware of how deeply connected we are, and we’ve really got our antennae out for the people that matter most to us.

So people are watching you.

This is particularly true if you’ve got kids. Your kids are watching how you deal with this crisis. They’ll be picking up on what’s going on, they’ll be feeling your anxiety and they’ll be watching how you react.

Are you hiding under the bed, or are you flaked out on the couch with a bottle of gin?

Or are you swinging into action?

And your community is watching you to. Perhaps to a lesser degree. But they’re still watching.

Now is the time to put your complexity-management skills on display. Hopefully you’ve been training for this moment. You are skilled in finding your feet in fearful times, practised at holding an abundant and positive outlook when there’s doom and gloom all around you, and your geared to be biased to positive and generous action.

Now is the time to trot these skills out and put on a show.

When you chat to people and they ask you what you’ve been doing, I want to hear you say something like,

“Well, we made gift packs for elderly neighbours in the morning, and I learnt how to do a feasibility study on a commercial property deals in the afternoon.”

What you do right now, matters. How you handle this crisis, matters. The example you are offering your loved ones and your community, matters.

Take pride, and give us a lesson in what resiliency looks like.

Now is the time.