February 22, 2021 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: the one thing holding you back

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Our conditioning leaves us ill-prepared for success.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe there is just one challenge.

Having enough available working equity.

No, I’m not talking about financial stuff here. That’s another matter altogether. That said, I don’t reckon you’ll get to far on your journey towards financial freedom until you’ve met this challenge head on.

The great challenge is to be able to love yourself.


The great challenge is to be able to love yourself enough to care enough.

The great challenge is to be able to love yourself enough to care enough to do all the things that are going to make your life awesome.

This is it. This is the challenge.

Now, when I share this with people, people are like, “Oh that’s silly. Of course I’m doing the things to make my life awesome. I signed up for this course, didn’t I?”

And you did. People do that. People can very easily to one thing in the moment that’s going to set them off on a good direction.

But that’s not where it really matters.

It really matters around week 5 or 6… when you haven’t done enough to see the money coming in, but you’re realising there’s quite a lot of material and systems to get your head around, and you’re going to have to put in a bit of work.

Do you do what’s right by you, and put your head down and stick it out?

Or do you let excuses creep in. Do you think maybe you’re feeling a bit fluey so you should have a good sleep in? Or is it a busy work week? Or do you start thinking that maybe property isn’t for you, or maybe you’re actually happy with your financial situation and you don’t need to do all this ‘work’?

It’s the same with anything. Saying you’re going to go on a diet is easy. Sticking to a calorie calendar for any length of time is hard.

What’s tragic though is how willing we are to betray ourselves and throw our own selves under the bus.

“I know I shouldn’t have this chocolate, but whatever. I hate everything and I don’t care.”

“I know I shouldn’t drink, but I’m feeling self-destructive.”

“I know I should study, but I don’t deserve to be wealthy and comfortable anyway.”

When things get tough, we don’t honour ourselves enough to stick it out – to do the things the mission demands.

And mostly, it’s because we don’t love ourselves enough.

If we loved ourselves fully, with a passion, we’d do anything. We’d make anything happen.

I mean, imagine if we loved ourselves the way we loved our kids? What would your life be like if you were willing to love yourself that much?

What would your life be like if you let go of all the condition you’ve had – the conditioning that told you to hate yourself, to be disappointed in yourself, to despise yourself for never being good enough?

If you’ve had a conditioning like that, how are you ever going to do anything nice for yourself.

No, the challenge is to love ourselves fiercely. To believe that we are worthy. To believe that we deserve the things we enjoy.

The challenge is to love ourselves enough to want to do things for ourselves. To want to create beautiful futures and beautiful experiences.

We have to love enough to care.

We have to love enough to give a sh!t.

That’s our challenge.

And once your rise to that, well then the balls really start rolling, and things can shift incredibly quickly.