January 12, 2021 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: So much for normal…

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Well things ever be the same again?

Well, I think our collective hopes have been well and truly dashed.

We survived 2020. (Well, most of us did. Raise of the glass for those who didn’t.)

And the mood was lifting. 2020 was almost in the rear-view mirror. Surely in 2021 things could start going back to normal.

Well, so much for that.

There’s nothing normal about 2021 so far at all. A guy with horns on his hat led a rabble into the heart of American democracy and sat on the speaker’s chair.

The UK variant of Covid is going ape-crap crazy, and the UK looks like it’s in serious trouble.

Back home, greater Brisbane has had its turn at lockdown, and political leaders across the board are jittery. They know that the public is running out of patience.

Imagine if Victoria had to go into hard lockdown again. I’m not sure it would happen. The last lockdown pushed many Victorians to the edge, and some of them a little bit further still.

But we’re all wondering where the next spot fire is going to pop up next, and if we’ll be able to get on top of it in time.

It kinda feels like a major outbreak is just inevitable.

So far, 2021, you haven’t given us a lot to pop champagne corks about.


Normal is the refuge of the lazy.


If you’re pining for normal you’re pining for easy.

That’s what you’re really wishing for.

I mean, do you ever remember a time where you reflected to yourself, “Gee, these are very normal times.”

Normal only exists in the rear-view mirror.

Because there’s always something. There’s always a health crisis, or a relationship crisis, or a political crisis or an international space-cruiser with its guns trained on Earth.

There’s always something.

But we pine for normal because we pine for a time without challenge, when things are easy.

But we’re wishing on a unicorn.

It just doesn’t exist.

So rather than pray for normal times, pray for the strength to handle unprecedented times.

Be unprecedented yourself.

Be unprecedented in your power, your poise and your passion.

And let’s make 2021 a truly remarkable year.

Let go of 2020 and let go of normal.

Nothing interesting happens there anyway.