May 24, 2021 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: Loving yourself is not loving your ego

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Most people get this completely wrong. It’s easier than they think.

I’ve got one question that will define how wealthy you will be.

How much money did your parents have?

No. that’s not it. This is even bigger than that. It has more influence over your financial fortune than that.

The question is this:

Do you love yourself, or do you love your ego?

In my experience, everyone has a tap-out point. I do this exercise with my students where I get them to visualise working with larger and larger sums of money.

If I say I’m giving them a $1,000, pretty much everyone can imagine what they’re going to do with it.

But what about $10,000? Or $10 million? Or $10 Billion?

The numbers don’t really matter. The point is to demonstrate that everyone has a tap out point – where they just can’t ever imagine having or working with that kind of money.

And one of the key determinants of our tap out point is how much we love ourselves.

Your ability to love yourself – to feel you are worthy of the riches you have – will define the wealth you are capable of achieving in this life time.

Now, that may or may not have a woo-woo factor involved. It may be the case that the universe at some sort of quantum level is picking up on your ‘vibration’ and is arranging itself accordingly.

Maybe. It feels like it some days.

But we don’t have to go reaching into the occult to understand this one. It’s simply about what your subconscious is comfortable with.

If your subconscious firmly believes you don’t deserve more than $40,000 a year (provided you slave your guts out for it!) then that’s what you’ll get. Any other reality – even if you win the lottery or whatever – any other reality will be uncomfortable, and your subconscious will find a way to sabotage it.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

So all of this hinges on what we think we are worthy of. And that swings on how much we love ourselves.

Now, some people take this info and run off half-cocked. They think, well, I need to love myself, so I have to make myself loveable. I’ve got to do good deeds. I need to achieve certain things. I need to have an impact. I need people to like me.

If I make a success of myself, then I will make myself into someone worthy, and then I can have nice things.

There is some mileage to this, but it is a punishing road. You create a situation where you have to be constantly performing and achieving. It’s exhausting.

And what you’re doing, rather than loving yourself, you are loving your ego.

That is, you are loving the picture you have created of yourself. The ‘idea of you’ that lives in your mental rendering of the world.

This is the ego. This is an image. It is a false idol.

Loving the ego – an image of who you are – based on achieving this or that, is not what it means to love yourself.

To love yourself is to fully embrace who you fundamentally are, warts and all. It’s about loving your deepest truest being, no matter how that being moves or is received in the world.

This is where you real work is. This is where you have the most leverage.

This is where you have the most power to completely turn your life around.

It’s in loving yourself – deeply and fully.

So watch this. Your ego wants to be loved.

But it’s a false idol.