March 29, 2022 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: how to find your ‘why’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you can get clear on your why, it will unlock a mountain of energy.

The first step in the journey is finding your “why”.

Why is the place that you drive from. It’s home to all the energy you need to achieve great things. It’s your mission and reason for being.

But its not easy to find your why. We don’t live in a culture where its something we even talk about. Many people don’t even realise that they can choose their own why. They don’t even realise its up for negotiation.

And one of the consequences of that – of living in a culture where ‘why’ is buried under a carpet of social and religious obligation – is that we’re not very good at defining it.

And there’s no blame here. It’s a skill and a skill we all have to learn.

And look, it’s a long process. At least one full day in a five day workshop. But I can tell you what your why is not.

Your why is not a thing.

Your why is a way of being.

That might make sense to you or it might not, so let me explain.

Now a lot of people come to me and say, “I want to achieve financial freedom so I can focus on my music and be a successful prog-rock musician.”

(A surprising number actually.)

Or they might say that they to travel to twelve different countries in twelve months.

Or they might say that they dream of living out the back of the Sunshine Coast on a sprawling hobby farm.

And there’s nothing wrong with any of those dreams. They’re lovely things to focus your mind and give you energy.

But they’re not your why.

You’re why is a state of being.

Now, every person is different, but my guess is that the person dreaming of being a rock musician is actually dreaming of living a life engaged with the creative arts, and expressing themselves creatively.

This is the essence of it and the essence is a way of being.

And the person dreaming of travel is dreaming of a state of being where they’re plugged into adventure, savouring the new and the curious. The cities themselves have nothing to do with it.

And the person dreaming of a specific hobby farm on the Sunny Coast is dreaming of a simpler life, or of getting back to nature, or getting their hands dirty in a garden. It’s not about the specific farm or the specific location.

So if you’re trying to connect to your why, remember that it is not a thing. It is a way of living – it is a way of experiencing being alive.

This is what the quiet voice of your soul is asking of you. It’s not asking for a thing, or a particular achievement, or particular recognition.

It’s asking to be expressed in a certain way.

Only you can know what it is.

Only you can live your why.