January 25, 2021 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: how to accelerate consciousness

Truth Bomb Tuesday: What happens after you’ve been using affirmations as long as I have?

Are humans complex creatures?

Yeah, nah. Not really.

I mean, like we are. We’re little biological miracles rocking around in hot pants.

But we’re also pretty simple too.

We only feel like we’re complex because we were never given a user manual.

In fact, not only did we not get a user manual, we inherited a whole lot of strange ideas about how we actually function.

(Except, of course, Freud’s idea that my entire investing career has been driven by penis-envy. He nailed that one. Lol.)

Now, I’m not here to give you a complete user manual, but I have learnt a few programming hacks along the way.

And I wanted to talk a little bit about affirmations today, and show you what happens after you’ve been using them as long as I have.

So affirmations, essentially, are just stories. They are stories that we tell about ourselves.

“I am popular and well-respected by my peers.”

“I am good with money, and make good financial decisions.”

“I am lucky in life, and good things always happen to me.”

These are some good affirmations. And what we’re trying to do, if we repeat these affirmations over and over, is replace the negative stories we tell about ourselves.

So affirmations like these could replace their shadow alternatives. “Nobody likes me. I’ll always be poor. Bad things always happen to me.” Etc.

So there’s power in this.

When we change the stories we tell about ourselves, we change what is possible.

We change how we think about ourselves. That’s changes how we act and present. It changes how people relate to us.

And, if you’re open to the idea, it changes how the entire web of the universe relates to you as well.

So there’s power in this.

But there’s also something that happens once you start playing with affirmations.

You start to become conscious of that part of your mind that is telling you stories.

That is, by engaging with the stories you are telling about yourself, you start to become conscious that there is a part of your mind dedicated to telling stories.

That’s when things start to accelerate.

Once this reality has landed, you’re no longer willing to accept any negative self-talk, on any topic.

It’s not just about the areas of your being that you’re running affirmations around. It’s about all of them.

You actually become allergic to negative self talk.

Like, you might catch yourself saying something like, “Oh, I always burn the toast.”

Now previously, you might never have realised that this is just a ‘story’. It’s not a “truth”. It’s just a story you are telling about yourself.

And obviously no one runs with an affirmation like “I am really good at cooking toast.”

But because you have been engaging with your story-engine consciously, you now see it for what it is – a story.

And you also recognise that this is a story that doesn’t make you feel good. It doesn’t lift you up and make you happy.

It does the opposite.

And so at that point, you say, “You know what, that story can get lost. I’m not having any part of it.”

Over time, as you become more and more conscious of the stories you are telling, you begin to become allergic to ANY story that doesn’t make you feel good.

THEN, something very, VERY interesting happens.

Your story engine just gives up trying to feed you negative stories. It knows you’re not buying and your it’s only customer.

From that point on, it only feeds you positive stories.

Now, can you imagine what life’s like if your mind is only ever feeding you positive and uplifting stories about yourself?

Can you imagine how good that feels?

Can you imagine how powerful you become?

This is the promise of affirmations, but most people don’t get there because they give up too early.

Stick with it.

It will set you up for life.