April 12, 2022 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: don’t rush your healing to market

Truth Bomb Tuesday: It’s beautiful to share. But don’t be in a rush.

We are all merchants of our own healing.

Once we understand what the medicine is that is going to sort us out, we become super inspired to share it with the world.

I think this is sort of universal.

It certainly describes my journey.

Once, I got diddled by my business partner who embezzled money out of the business and ran off with it. That led me to learn all about asset protection strategies, and I was like, “OMG. Everyone needs to know about this. I’m going to start doing seminars.”

Same story with property. I was a single mum who needed extra cashflow just to keep her head above water. And then I found property, and was able to quit my day job just 18-months later. Again, I had to share that with the world.

And that was the beginning of a journey that’s led me to your inbox today.

And now I see it with my students. I often have students telling me that they can’t understand why their friends aren’t more interested in their property journey and the insights they’ve learnt.

“I want to help them the way that property has helped me. But they won’t listen.”

And look, sometimes people just aren’t ready.

(Sometimes it can be you. Sometimes you can have an evangelical zeal that can be off-putting. But mostly its about them.)

But I think this does come from a beautiful place. When you’re coming from a place of hurt – whether that’s arthritic knees, or being buried under a mountain of debt – you understand what that pain is like.

And when you see someone else in that pain, you know exactly what its like. And you know they must be craving a solution they way you once craved a solution. And once you know that there is a solution, of course you want to share it around.

It’s only natural.

My only word of advice here is don’t be in a rush to commoditise your healing. Don’t be in a rush to spin your healing into a package and take it to the market.

My advice is let the healing run its course before you rush it on to Facebook Marketplace.

And that’s because most times healing is a journey, not an event. And I think we risk cutting off the journey prematurely when we try to land it in a finished place.

Like, you might have discovered that pure beetroot juice is good for your upset tummy. You might be getting some great results. But this might just be a transition phase. Beetroot juice might just be the medicine you need to set you up for the next stage of healing.

But you set yourself up as “The Beetroot Woman” on Facebook, and build an entire identity around it, you are pegging yourself down to that stage of the healing journey, and that can stop you moving on to the next stage, and the next stage, and fully completing the journey you were meant to go on.

So that’s my word of warning.

Yes, it’s a beautiful impulse to share your lessons of healing with the world. But don’t be in a rush to get it to market.

Give the journey the time it needs. You will be all the more wiser at the end of it.