March 8, 2022 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: A message to those who “don’t get it”

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There’s power in someone who ‘gets it’.

I’m really not sure you can do it alone. I think you need at least one person in your life who ‘gets it’.

There was a scene in the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” – or one of those crazy Kung Fu movies, I don’t remember which one exactly.

(It wasn’t the one about the pandas.)

Anyway, the basic idea that there was an assassin on a lifelong mission to kill this particular lord, and he finally makes it into his court.

He’s all set to kill him, but after a bit of chit chat, the assassin begins to realise what the lord’s agenda actually is – conquer everyone to put an end to feudal fighting, and usher in an era of peace.

The assassin ‘gets it’, and gets the beauty of his vision. He gives up on trying to kill him.

But the really beautiful part was the lords speech, where he says, “I may not realise this vision, but to know that it has been understood by a man such as yourself, brings me great peace. I will die happy knowing only this much.”

I actually teared up at this point. Never mind all that soppy rubbish about lovers falling on swords and all that. This is what touched me.

It was a poetic moment – where the ‘vision’ of what the lord was trying to create was more important than the realisation of that vision – a vision that came from a deep drive within his soul; an inspiration.

And that, like most visionaries, he was alone in his vision. He saw the world and things in the world that others could not, and that cut him off from the people around him.

I think most visionaries have to manage loneliness somehow.

And then, for him to have the depth of his vision, (and therefore his very soul!) understood by another, was a homecoming of sorts. There was a realisation that he was not crazy. His vision had a tangibility for the first time in his life, and his soul had a companion.

Sigh. Seriously, I was blubbering all over my tim-tams.

The lord ends up killing the assassin anyway because this was feudal China and they were hard-core like that. (More tears).

But for me, it touched a nerve. If you want to create an outside-the-box life, you need someone who gets it.

You need someone who doesn’t think you’re just out there building pretty castles in the sky – you need someone who gets it. Someone who can see the vision of what you’re making, and all the awesome things that are going to flow out of it.

Even if you’re not planning anything as ambitious as unifying the Middle Kingdom, even if your goal is as modest as just retiring on a comfortable passive income, as soon as you take the responsibility of your own life into your hands, you are working in the realm of the visionary.

And the visionary’s road can be lonely.

So find someone who gets it. I was lucky to land a wonderful life partner, but it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. Maybe you’ll find the companionship you need in our community. A lot of people do.

But make sure you have someone who gets you.

There’s so much power in it.