December 15, 2020 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: 2021 – from Resiliency to Vision

Truth Bomb Tuesday: 2020 was a challenging year. But the answers that served us this year might not serve us again in 2021.

Is 2020 done yet?

I’ve got the feeling it might have one big sucker punch left for us, just as we start to bring our guard down for Christmas.

Or maybe I’m being pessimistic.

But still, here on the Sunshine Coast, we’re clearing up after “cyclone-like” conditions and rainfall. It’s heading down the coast now, but it looks like there’s a big wet settling in.

(At least it’s not bushfires this year!)

And that brings us to 2020s word of the year: RESILIENCY!

I’m seeing this word everywhere now. And we’re talking about how to make our economy more resilient, our communities more resilient, our families more resilient!

We don’t really know what it means, but we know we need to be it. We’re not sure what it looks like, but we like the sound of it.

I shouldn’t be too hard on it. Once the political PR machines get their hands on it, even the most well-thought-out ideas can come out mangled, hollow and meaningless.

And there actually is something valuable that’s happened this year.

Our focus has turned inward.

We’re no longer talking about how to navigate in the world. We’re talking about how to be resilient enough to deal with life’s challenges.

There’s value in this I think.

Success, I reckon, is based on two things – direction and resiliency.

Direction is about the course you chart between where you are and where you want to be. It’s about avoiding snakes and catching ladders, and ending up in a better place altogether.

Resiliency is your ability to bounce back after a snake gets hold of you, and you end up 20 squares back on where you were. And it’s about moving forward, day after day, under your own steam, when there just aren’t any ladders to be found.

So Covid has brought the focus back on to resiliency.

When you catch a few ladders in a row, you get hungry for ladders. You want to move quickly. You want things to be easy. You’re looking for that short-cut road that’s going to catapult you forward.

But if this is where all your focus is, any setback can be brutal. It knocks you on your bum and you’re totally dis-spirited.

And I think Covid was a blessing because there was literally no way to navigate over it, under it or around it. There was no avoiding it. We all had to navigate through it.

And that meant there was no option but to face up to our own resiliency.

How are we with challenge? How are we with set-back? How are we with having our world turned on our head?

These are the questions that 2020 simply forced us to have answers for.

And that’s a good thing.

But now, I think 2021 might have something different in store for us.

The way I see it, 2021 is going to be brimming with opportunity. Seriously, every star seems to be aligning for investors. It’s wild times.

And so the question then is how do we navigate this opportunity. If 2020 was about defence, 2021 will be about offence.

It’s about going from resiliency to vision.

It’s a different skill-set, but it’s the other side of the coin.

If 2020 was about “how do I survive?”, 2021 will be about “how do I thrive?”

This is your opportunity.

If you answered the call of 2020, and answer the call of 2021, you’ll be a complete investor, and possibly set for life.

Are you ready?