Success Case Studies

They just wanted to dig themselves out of the financial hole they were in, grow their wealth, replace their income and enjoy a lifestyle of freedom and abundance.


Our Students Success Stories

Explore the success stories of 30 everyday Aussies from the I Love Real Estate Community who have succeeded wildly in property. These are regular Aussies who not only achieved amazing results investing in property, but did so in a very short space of time. While most people spend 25 or 30 years paying off a single home these community members created 6, 7 and even 8 figure portfolios, massive equity and even life changing, income replacing positive cashflow.

Each of these case studies will show you how quickly and successfully you could replace your income, create equity and change your life. The people featured in these case studies are not property professionals, they just got the right information, found mentors that have already done what they wanted to achieve and applied the knowledge investing in real estate the right way. This is just a sampling of the hundreds of stories within the community.

November 15, 2013 by Dymphna 3 Comments
Your Future Is In Your Hands!
October 24, 2013 by Dymphna 2 Comments
Strata-Gise BEFORE You Buy!
September 26, 2013 by Dymphna 6 Comments
Stay In The Fat Part Of The Rental Market
August 13, 2013 by Dymphna 18 Comments
Rental Trends Mean EXTREME Income