September 24, 2023 by Dymphna

Struggling mum pivots into $1.4 MILLION career change.

Juliette had just hit a fork in the road of life, newly married, newly pregnant, and newly saddled with a BIG mortage for a TINY townhouse, she realised it simply wasn’t going to work.

On a friends reccomendation, she checked out one of I Love Real Estate’s free events, and immiediately knew this was the path for you.

Learning how to flip houses from Dymphna, her very first deal landed her $1.4 million in PROFIT. Not equity, not raw sale price, but cost hard profit.

Not stopping there, Juliette now generates deals like this regularly, and is more than happy to share how she does it.

Today we interview Juliette to find just how she yeilds such amazing returns from her property deals, and what’s next her massively profitable pipeline.

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