January 21, 2014 by Dymphna 6 Comments

Stop Dreaming And Start Doing!

make your dreams come true

Have you put off taking a nice holiday this summer because you’re saving your money for your first investment property?

Maybe you don’t own a property yet and are busy getting your pocket full of cash for your first down payment…

Or, like some people, you own a PPR, have gotten yourself prepared for your new life in real estate investing but you’re in the manufacturing equity stage or just looking for the right deal?

If any of these scenarios describe what you’re up to right now, then good on you! You’re taking the necessary steps to change your life for the better.

You’re monitoring the steps you have to take and acknowledging your successes every step of the way, as you get closer to your goal of financial independence.

You are doing that, aren’t you?

Dreams are a call to action!

Or, are you like so many people, just dreaming of someday having that holiday house?

If that’s what you’re about, then I have to be honest and tell that it’s never going to happen!

I don’t like to be pessimistic, but it’s true.

Unless you change what you are doing with your time and energy today, you will still be doing the same things next month and next year, won’t you?

Yes, you’re in a job that’s light years away from what makes you happy…

Yes, you’d like to pull the pin on that job and tell your boss to #%$@(*&#!!!

But since you can’t afford to do any of that, you leave the house every morning, five or maybe even six days a week, to put your time in.

Meanwhile, you still dream about that holiday house every chance you get…

Maybe you check out different properties on the internet over your lunch break, figure how much extra money you’d have to earn, how many promotions you will need to get…
And then you get back to work.

You’re not happy and why should you be? You realize that following “the plan” only works for the planners, not the people who are making the plan work.

I am quite familiar with that reality and that sense of frustration. You’re working hard…you’re just not working hard for you!

But here’s one thing that most people don’t understand: dreams are our own way, deep in our subconscious, of calling us to action!

Everybody wants, but not everyone gets

I understand how it feels to want more out of life while you’re giving the best of yourself to someone else, to a job that pays just enough to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head…

But I also know that you don’t have to slave away to get what you want if you go about it the right way.

Take that dream of a holiday house, for example.

You’re not the only one burning brain cells and time on that one…far from it.

People like you all over Australia dream of having a place near the beach—or in the country in some cases—that they can go to for a few days or weeks whenever they feel like it…

Why should you be any different?

After all, everybody wants to live a better life, don’t they? Sadly, most don’t achieve what they want to in life.

Being different makes all the difference

Whatever your preference, I’m here to tell you right here and right now that you don’t have to wait years to have that holiday home.

You can have it very soon…if you know what to do and how to think.

But to be that person who gets that holiday home, you have to become a different person that you are right now…

In fact, if you choose to focus your attention on acquiring a holiday home and are open to different ways of getting it, you will have it.

Now, a little bit of reality here is needed…

With property values rising the way they are, you may not be in a position to get the most expensive or elaborate holiday home in the most prime area…

But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a holiday home that works for you…

The question then, becomes “How can I do that”, doesn’t it?

If you are already an iLoveRealEstate.tv student, then you already know the answer…

There are many ways to your holiday home

More than that, you know that there are several answers that will get your holiday home faster than you ever thought possible…

There are joint financing ventures to consider, vendor financing, property development options, splitters, and of course, simply leveraging equity in your own PPR, just to name a few.

You can also bring reno financing to an existing holiday property owner for an equity and income split, giving you partial ownership with specific usage rights…

You see, when you take away the emotional aspect of acquiring a holiday home, it becomes a lot clearer…

Acquiring a holiday home is just really one more property…and acquiring properties is really just the result of a process.

And I love nothing more than showing my students how those processes work and how they can use them.

When you know the processes, your dream of having a holiday home changes in its nature… It’s no longer a dream that may or may not come true “someday”.

Someday doesn’t exist so don’t rely on it

That’s the problem with dreams, isn’t it?

“Someday” is not on your calendar. It’s not a day you can really visualize. That’s why, in most cases, dreams remain wishes and “someday” becomes another word for “never.”

But if you change your behavior and how you think, and act on those changes, then you will have different results. Better results.

That involves changing your daily concept of reality. When you do that, the question itself then changes…

You no longer ask yourself, “When will I ever be able to afford a holiday home.”

That way of thinking is not open to possibilities, only to fantasies…

You must change that open-ended question, which really is just a dream, into a much more concrete question.

When you do this, you get concrete answers.

Again, ask the question this way: “How can I afford a holiday home?”

If you want to know the answers to that question, I’ll be happy to tell you!