June 8, 2012 by Dymphna 1 Comment

#24: Reno Supremo Spills the Beans…

This is how you create your own property boom and it works in any economic climate.

It’s called, renovation.

Personally, I hate it …But boy, does it pay back big time!

So, on the latest podcast episode I’ve got reno-supremo, Ian Ugarte to give you all the tricks of the trade of how to get maximum bang for your dollars. Ian grew up in a family of plumbers and there’s not too much that he doesn’t know about reno’s.

You’ll discover on this latest iLoveRealEstate podcast is exactly how to achieve tens of thousands of dollars in equity fast WITHOUT spending a fortune. You’ll learn how a $10,000 spend can potentially return $50-$60,000 ROI.

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