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Real Estate Starts 2014 Red HOT!!

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Well! After a few weeks of recharging my batteries, it’s great to be back at the real estate life again!

A good holiday with a few days of hibernating and a few more doing a little bit less than usual is a great way to recharge the batteries…

But now it’s time to refocus my energies for the New Year…

I can’t be on holiday for too long or I start to lose my mind! So it’s good to begin another year well rested and ready to go!

The market is heating up

A quick question: Is it hot enough for you this summer? And no, I’m not talking about the weather or the Australian Open…

And I’m not talking about the dozens of wild fires that are burning up Southern Oz, or any of that…

I’m talking about the Aussie real estate market. It is hotter than it’s been in years and will likely stay hot all this year.

So I ask you: Are you ready to focus like a laser beam to make your dreams a reality in 2014?

Good, because when you do, it will happen!

Aussie real estate figures are on fire

Latest figures show that values in the residential sector of the economy grew at an amazing national average of 9.8 per cent…

That is stunning growth! But in places like NSW and QLND the rates of value growth were even higher.

This should not surprise you at all…we all know that there’s a shortage of housing in Oz, especially in those two regions.

But most of Australia’s real estate markets are seeing some very impressive numbers…

In response, building approvals showed a 23 per cent increase in 2013…and that’s not counting the month of December!

Now, if you’re still on your summer holiday, just tuck those too facts in your mind for later…

But if you’re ready to get started on the year of building your dreams, those two figures couldn’t be better news to hear.

Consumer sentiment is scorching hot!

If you bought cash cows, chunk deals or both in 2013, you’ve likely seen those values rise.

But even if you didn’t buy any property last year, there is fantastic opportunity for you in 2014.

That’s because Aussies are feeling better about the direction of the economy and about their lives….

And do you know what we do when we’re feeling good about life?

We buy things…like houses. This is called consumer sentiment and right now, it’s looking very hot for 2014.

In fact, consumer sentiment is the absolute highest in the residential sector of the economy.

Here’s how it works. A rating of 100 means that consumer confidence is neutral. Anything below 100 means that consumer confidence is negative. Anything over 100 is positive.

Where is consumer confidence today? Take a look at these ratings:

QLD has had a 48-point surge the past year, up to 157 points! That’s almost a 50 per cent increase.

But QLD in not the only place to have a surge in consumer confidence…

NSW is also full of consumer confidence at 147 points! But Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia, had healthy surges as well. They are all in the 130+ point range. Only the Northern Territory has had a negative rating, dropping 12 points.

Pent up demand is being released

Why all the increases in consumer confidence? What has changed?

Improvement in the Aussie economy has been gradual, but even so, changes in the global economy continue to slowly improve as well.

The improvements, even minor, in the global economy, directly affect us here.

People are now seeing more jobs become available than there were before. Some of those jobs have even replaced a portion of the mining jobs that went away in the wake of the GFC.

Also, some builders are coming back into the construction business. They see the pent up demand that has been gathering in the years after the GFC finally being released.

Get in!

That rising demand combined with housing shortages means big profits for real estate investors…

That means YOU!

And by the way, interest rates are still relatively low, although there is the chance that they will rise as the economy continues to recover.

That’s why 2014 is looking like it will be a fantastic year for iLoveRealEstate.tv students. All the pieces are in place to take advantage of a very hot real estate market!

The only piece that’s missing is you! Are you waiting for the right moment?

Well NOW is that right moment!

Get yourself educated, get yourself motivated, and then get in and make 2014 the year you changed your life!