August 22, 2019 by Dymphna

Property Young Guns Episode 1: From drug addict to Australian property inspiration

From a young age Jack struggled to find his feet in life, falling into the wrong crowd he fell into the trap of drug addiction. Hitting wall after wall in his journey to find a career he lashed out at not only others but himself. After hitting rock bottom and fearing for his life, he goes cold turkey and turns to real estate education, desperate to give it a honest go with the help of ILoveRealEstate.

Through ILRE he’s given an opportunity with the “Property Games”, an initiative and competition for millennials and young investors to learn and invest in the world of Australian real estate. While being coached Jack gets dealt with hard truths and road blocks to overcome. Despite being overwhelmed and unprepared, the direction he had finally found and the support from the ILRE community, granted him a real chance to create a lifestyle where he could truly thrive.

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