August 16, 2019 by Dymphna

Property 2020 Part 4: Key ingredients to success, and Australia’s greatest real estate success stories

In the final part of Dymphna’s presentations at the Property 2020 summit she explores the human element of property development, what personal qualities you’ll need to develop, and that there isn’t one single type of investment that suits all.

With in depth case studies and examples, Dymphna takes you through the journeys and strategies of some of her most successful and inspirational student stories. With varied paths and personalities, she emphasises that success can come from anyone and anywhere.

At one point Dymphna herself was her own unlikely success story. If you want to find out how her journey to success can replicated today, and how exactly you could make in todays property world, get on her exclusive online masterclass, “How to fast track your real estate success in 2019”, link below.