November 16, 2016 by Dymphna 1 Comment

[PODCAST] Why Your Will May Be Leaving Your Family Nothing But Heartache.

3128254_221860_32c9667cb4_pIt’s the one topic that most people would rather not think about.

The one thing that can give rise to an epic level of denial.

It’s what happens after you die.

No, I don’t mean going down the long tunnel toward the light.

I mean what happens to your estate,
…and those you leave behind.

After all, we all spend a lot of time building wealth to create a legacy,

so it’s probably a good idea to make sure those you want it to go to, actually get it.

Today’s podcast explores the two things that we all must deal with – no exceptions.

Death and taxes.

Listen to today’s podcast and you’ll discover:

—> The things to include in your will that most people never think about (and why it’s so critically important)

—> How to make sure your estate goes to the beneficiary you chose (and not some other shmuck from your past).

—> Why you 100% DON”T want to use one of those “Free Wills” scenarios (or one of those legal will kits from the newsagents.)

These things may sound easy but, truth is, all you’ll be leaving to your family is heartache (you’ll see why on the podcast)

There are so many tiny details you need to pay attention to… for instance:

—> Which colour pen to use on a will (Crazy, but yes, it can make a huge difference)
—> What big changes have happened to the laws in the last 5 years when contesting a will (it might make you think twice if you ever wanted to)
—> What happens if you have a blended family (how do you decide which kids get what)
—> What if you are in a second marriage (and you don’t want your evil-ex to get anything)
—> What if you and your partner have different beliefs (for instance you want cremation and your partner wants to stick you in a cannon and fire you into space)
—> What’s a tragedy clause and why you should think about having one.
—> How house ownership can seriously affect the outcome of your will (like when you own your home as Joint tenants vs Tenants in common)

—> and much, much more…

If you don’t get these things right you could be flushing your legacy, wealth and hard work down the drain and leaving your family with nothing but heartache.

This podcast discusses it all – it’s not the happiest subject but it is one of the most important because none of us gets out alive.