August 24, 2017 by Dymphna

[PODCAST] Where to begin if you are just starting out in property


I’m often shocked at the mis-information that comes out of the media. Especially about young people being priced out of the market.

If you are (or have a child that is) a young person wanting to get into the property market… this podcast is for you.

Today’s special guest is a 23-year-old who is just starting out.

She and her boyfriend have just moved out of home and they are wanting to get into the property market.

All those questions you (or your young person) may have – my guest has…

So this podcast is where she grills me…

“Dymphna!!! Where do I start?”

Here’s what she get’s out of me in this week’s podcast:

-> The reason why most people feel they can’t get started – It’s not mindset – it’s the kind of deal they are choosing.

-> The specific thing you need to look for in every deal (at this stage of your investing career) that will help you get to your goals faster.

-> How to massively increase the value on a unit using NONE of your own money (and the exact kind of unit to look for that will let you do this)

-> How to get a Joint Venture partner on board (like your parents) and what you need to do to convince them to partner up with you on a deal.

-> The step by step sequence you can use to go from nothing to your own property that you can actually live in (this is cutting edge stuff being done around the country right now)

-> Whether you should buy a home or an investment property first – There are a few things you need to factor here – I explore them all to help you make that decision.

-> When to use a trust and when to have a property in my own name – Again… I explore the rules and the why of doing this. It all comes down to the kind of property you are buying.

-> How to take your first deal and turn it into your second…(and the second into your third…_

-> The one exercise you can do that will not only motivate you but help you plan the steps to take each year and the deals you should be doing.

-> Whether you should be buying regional or metro. And what kind of deal you should be looking for in these areas…Get this wrong and you’ll be stuck… get it right and it will be rocket fuel for your next deal.

-> and much much more

Let me just say this quickly…

This is a Jam packed one that can be used by young people wanting to get into the market,

…but it could also be a great reminder for those who have reached their lending limit and need a refresher for building quick equity to get moving again.

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