August 27, 2015 by Dymphna 19 Comments

[PODCAST]: What I would tell my 25-year-old self… and what your kids need to hear.

When I think back to when I was 25 and where I was at financially, it feels like a bad dream.

I think this is the case for many people my age.

We were all just taught to go to school and get a good job and this was passed down to many of our kids…

I want to introduce you to a young fella, who at 25 already owns 5 properties and is looking for his 6th.

Now let me first just say that this guy used every bit of his savings to buy my course and turned up to the bootcamp with nothing.

That was two years ago.

…And he had the cheek to come up to me and brag about what he was going to do in the next 12 months. But bless his cotton socks – he did what he said and more.

Let today’s podcast be an inspiration to you and more importantly if you have kids (no matter what age they are).

Get them to listen to this as well.