August 13, 2015 by Dymphna 8 Comments

[PODCAST] Turn a $350 per week rental into a $1500 a week cash-producing monster…


This week I have two special guests to talk about how they take properties that would normally rent for $300 – $400 a week, and with a few changes make them produce $800 to $1500 a week cash flow producing goldmines.

I won’t give it away here… But, if you have any properties which are not producing the kind of cash flow you’d like, then this could be the answer for you.

As with all things there is a learning curve and there are many different ways to make this happen… so this podcast is a toe in the water to show you what you need to consider.

We talk about building codes, pitfalls and compliance info you need to know before you go down this path.

But as you can see from the numbers (and we talk numbers in the podcast), it’s well worth it.