April 13, 2017 by Dymphna 8 Comments

[PODCAST] The Terrorist Attack On Our Investing

We’re under attack – your investing is under fire.

APRA was set up to save us from the banking industry but sadly they have inadvertently done the opposite.

I’m really annoyed by what is going on.

But – it also means there are changes YOU need to know about and implement to keep your portfolio safe and be able to continue to keep investing.


—> The LVR changes that are happening every few weeks and why.
—> Why interest only is becoming harder and harder to get – and why you probably don’t want to use it anymore anyway.
—> Why banks are looking at the kind of property you buy more than ever
—> Why banking policy is tightening and what you need to do to be able to borrow in the future
—> The adjustments you must make to your portfolio now so you don’t get blackballed
—> Why I believe there is a huge potential problem looming in the lending industry and how you need to change things now so you don’t get caught out.
—> the new kind of lending that is going to get bigger and bigger over the next couple of years.
—> and much, much more…

This is a big one. You need to start thinking about what’s happening and how this is going to affect you… because if things start to cause issues, you don’t want to get caught by this.

Listen to the webinar now.