August 20, 2015 by Dymphna 4 Comments

[PODCAST] The Single Biggest Obstacle To Property Success (And How To Overcome It)


I run workshops all year round and have taught thousands of people.

You know what the biggest obstacle is?

I see this again and again…

It’s the one things that stops people succeeding…

It’s this:


It can be intimidating hearing about people who started with nothing and within a couple of years have created portfolios of $2m etc.

But today I interview a lady who did just that… and she started with absolute zero!

The great thing is that Juliette can totally relate.

Not so long ago she had nothing and was listening to podcasts with other people who had achieved this kind of success.

She confesses she felt intimidated and couldn’t believe that she could achieve this kind of success.

But… now she has, and she wants to share how she did it.

Listen Now – Its a Powerful Story